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Extract And Convert DMG File To ISO, BIN, And IMG With DMGExtractor

dmg extractor

DMGExtractor is a Java-based application for extracting and converting Mac OS X dmg (Disk Image) file content into widely used image file formats, such as, BIN, ISO, and IMG. According to the developer, it is capable of manipulating CUDIFDiskImage based disk images while all other AES-128 encrypted disk images can also be handled. The application is not only an attempt to port functions of dmgtoiso utility but adds a set features which one might require while extracting or converting dmg contained content. Unlike dmg2iso, it comes with simple GUI-based interface to quickly extract files.

To begin, launch the application and select DMG file which is to be extracted. Once selected, click Open button. It will prompt you to either simulate extraction by clicking No or specify image file format (ISO, BIN, or IMG) and output location by clicking Yes.


Whether you’ve picked simulation or actual extraction option, you will end viewing extraction status and errors (if any), along with total size of DMG file.

dmg extractor 2

It runs on all Mac OS and Windows versions, requiring Java 1.5 or higher to be installed. Testing was done on both Mac OS 10.6 and Windows 7 64-bit system.

Download DMGExtractor


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