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Mixxx Free DJ Music Mixer App Now Available For Mac

Mixxx was an application for Windows reviewed last year that let you mix music; it was feature-rich, and probably a a DJ’s dream when it came to free software. The same Mixxx is now available for Mac, and in addition to all the previous features it supported on Windows, it has a better interface. The app is free, which is rare when it comes to Mac apps that support sophisticated features such as these. Mixxx lets you add music from your hard drive, play it together, and syncs their play time so that mixing them is easier irrespective of track duration. Additionally, it allows you to create a recording from an external input source like a mic.

The interface is broadly divided into two panels; the top panel shows which songs have been queued and all controls that you can apply to the song, while the lower panel lists the libraries you add to the app when you first install it, and allow you to search for and add more songs from your local file system.


You can mix two songs at a time, one on each side. To add a song to a player, right-click it in the lower panel, and select which player you want to send it to. The song does not auto play; rather, the app analyzes the length of the song and retrieves other information on it.

Mixxx players

The central control panel is divided into two, with identical controls for each player. To start playing a song in either player, click the Play/Pause button for the respective side. The vertical sync bar can be moved up and down to adjust the playback time of each song. A large slider in the middle, which is balanced by default, can be moved left or right to increase or decrease the sound of one song over the other. After that, put your DJ skills to work and make some music.

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