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Moroshka Is Multi-Tab File Manager With Direct Server Connect Support [Mac]

The tab based user interface not only increases the productivity but also makes it easy to compare two folders, move files from one place to other and perform file operations on folders simultaneously. Moroshka File Manager enables you to perform file operations in multitasking environment by providing a MDI (Multiple Document Interface) based file manager. You can open as many folders as you want without taking some extra screen real estate.

You will find two panes side by side to easily compare the contents of folders. You can open multiple tabs in each pane, switch between them and move files from one to other via drag and drop. The application natively supports compressed image formats; you can view and open ISO and UDF archives without using any third-party extractors.

Moroshka File Manager comes with multi-thread file management and processing capabilities, which means that you can run and handle multiple processes at a time. A sleek Terminal window has also been integrated in the application. You can run commands over selected file, current folder or location without launching Mac OS X Terminal separately.

Moroshka File Manager main

Using connection string or source path, you can easily connect with remote servers. It offers a dedicated Connect feature which takes server path with pre-defined parameters. For example, you can mention protocol, login name, password, and FTP or SFTP port number to connect with your server. Once connected, it automatically stores  server path into the list. Additionally, it allows you to bookmark favorite locations, so you easily access them without having to initiate file or folder search.

moroshko bookmark

Moroshka File Search feature supports wild-card entries. You can either search files by file mask or use Look for text mode to find text written inside files. Along with File Name, it shows File Size, Time, and Attributes in search results. You can open selected file in File Manager window via Go File option.


The Preferences can be accessed from Moroshka File Manager menu, where you can enable Show Hidden Files option and switch between Mac and Windows keyboard layouts.


You can select multiple items with command key and perform copy and move operations over them. Unlike Mac Finder that moves files, Moroshka File Manager copies files (and folders) when you drag them from one location to another. Features like direct connection with remote server, find file and drag & drop file copy will help you quickly organize files and folders. It runs on Mac Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7.

A Technology Preview version (pre-alpha) is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Its a barebone version that is still under development at the moment.

Download Moroshka File Manager


  1. Great File Management software, just like Commander… only lack of file preview. Thanks so much for developing this.

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