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PaintBrush: Basic Image Painter App Reminiscent Of MS Paint [Mac]

There are so many image editors available for just about every platform; Mac, Windows, Mobile and web, and they are all, mostly, feature-rich. With so many options available, what can sometimes become frustrating is trying to do a simple image crop or resize and having to use either a heavy app to load, or figuring out a web app that will do the trick. Windows users have simpler options, like using the native Paint application, but Mac only ever had Mac Paint, and that, too, eons ago. PaintBrush is an app that gives Mac users their very own little Paint program. It is a very basic image editor that lets you create and save images in PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. The app has a rich color palette, paint brush, fill color, add text, eraser, spray paint, invert colors and flip image tools.

The app’s main interface comprises of a canvas and a toolbox. If the toolbox is hidden, you can show it from the Window menu. When you launch the app, you can specify the canvas size, which can later be modified from the Image menu. (Disclaimer: I didn’t make the image below, and Heath Ledger rocks!)


The toolbox is divided into two columns, and has paint, erase, selector, spray paint, fill color and bomb tool, which overlays the secondary color on the entire canvas. The toolbox lets you draw rectangles, rounded rectangles, lines, spheres and add text. Clicking the colors opens the color palette, and allows you to change which color is active for a selected tool. The invert color and flip image horizontally or vertically tools lie in the Image menu.

To change the default format for new images, go to the General tab in the app’s preferences, and select one from the five available options.

PaintBrush format

By default, you can undo an action 10 times; however, the app lets you set your own limits to the number of times an action can be undone. To set the option, visit the Advanced tab in the app’s preferences, and enter a number.

PaintBrush undo

As stated in the tab, the higher the number of undos you set, the more memory the app will take up. While the memory drain is something to consider, being able to undo an action multiple times, or as many times as you like, is one of the plus points of this app. Understandably, the app isn’t going to be used by professional designers, but for people with simpler needs, this is a worthy pick.

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