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How to rename a Bluetooth device on macOS

Bluetooth devices have generic names. Generally speaking, the device names will be different from one device manufacturer to another but, Bluetooth devices that are the same make and model will have the exact same name. It’s not practical to give each device its own name. That said, users might need their devices to have different names which is why you’ll find you can rename a Bluetooth device on your desktop. Here’s how you can rename a Bluetooth device on macOS.

Need to rename a Bluetooth device on Windows 10? It’s easy.

Rename a Bluetooth device – macOS

You can rename a Bluetooth device on macOS only after it’s been paired, and preferably when it’s connected to your system. Once you’ve paired and connected a Bluetooth device, open System Preferences. Go to Bluetooth and right-click the device you want to rename. From the context menu, select the ‘Rename’ option.

You’ll get a pop-up with the name of the device. Change the name to whatever it is you want to set for it, and click Rename. The device may or may not disconnect when you rename it. The process doesn’t take more than a minute.

The rename will persist after a system restart and when you disconnect and reconnect the device. If you remove i.e., unpair the device, and then pair it again though, it will appear with its same generic name.

The new name of the Bluetooth device is specific to only your system. If other systems detect the device nearby, it will appear with its own generic name. That said, you should not give your devices names that aren’t suitable for the work place if that’s where you’re using them. If you use the same Bluetooth device with multiple systems, you will have to set the name for a device individually on each system.

If you rename a Bluetooth device and the name doesn’t change, try turning Bluetooth off and on again. Disconnect and reconnect the device. That should do the trick. In very rare cases, you may not be able to rename a Bluetooth device. This has to do with the device and not your OS or anything else. Generally speaking, most Bluetooth devices will let you rename them. The one exception is phones. You can pair a phone to a  Mac over Bluetooth but you might not be able to rename it, especially if it’s an iPhone. With Android phones, you might still be able to rename it.

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  1. I don’t understand this… Have changed name on my bluetooth Apple Mouse and -Keyboard before Catalina on my MacBook. Now it doesn’t work either on MacBook or iMac. I think it IS a OS-problem -> Catalina.

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