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Saluto Brings Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Etc To Mac Desktop

Saluto is a small application which brings widely used social media platforms to your Mac desktop. Since it’s fairly useful to keep frequently visited websites at your fingertips, Saluto addresses this very need of common users by providing direct access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Google Wave, and Blogger from the desktop. If you’ve been hanging around multiple menu bar social media apps, you will find Saluto immensely handy, as it lets you switch between aforementioned social media networks from one window.

After installation, select the social network service from toolbar, just enter login details and you’re done. Saluto provides the convenience of navigating between different social media networks. After you’ve logged in to required services, you can easily check out updates without having to open web browser. The nice part is that, unlike other social network Adobe Air and Java based applications, it doesn’t take too much of your memory resources.

The screenshots below show Facebook and Twitter opened in Saluto.

facebook 2

saluto twitter 1

It’s worth mentioning here that Saluto is in its infancy and will soon be updated with more features and options.

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