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Create Hyperlink Field In Access 2010

Sometimes there is frantic need to create links in database table to web pages, files, folders, images, etc. Access 2010 provides a convenient way to link up data field values with anything to complement the database in much better way. In this post we will guide you on creating a table field having Hyperlink data type.

To start off with, launch Access 2010 and navigate to Create tab and click Table.

create table

It will create a new table namely Table1. Right-click newly created table and select Design View to add fields with specific Data types.

table 1

Enter an appropriate table name and start adding fields. We will be entering some generic table fields with their data types such as, ID, Name, Phone Number, Email and other Links.

design view

Select Email table field and under data type options, select Hyperlink.

select hyperlink

Repeat the procedure for assigning Hyperlink data field for other fields as well.

hyperlink other

Now close the Design view and save the changes made. Open the database table in Datasheet view. Start filling out table fields with values. In Hyperlink assigned data fields, you will notice that on entering values it will automatically turns them into blue, indicating linked data.

hyerplinks created

Now we will move to editing Hyperlinks. In Email field, highlight the email address and right-click to select Edit Hyperlink.

edit hyperlink

It will instantly open Edit Hyperlink dialog. Under E-mail address box, enter the email address, and from Subject box, write the subject of the mail. Click OK.

edit hyperlink 1]

Upon clicking on hyperlink, it will immediately open Outlook mail compose window, with specified email address and subject inserted.

email open

Repeat the same procedure for assigning hyperlink to other email addresses in table field. For linking webpages or websites, right-click the link to edit and From Hyperlink sub menu, select Edit Hyperlink.

From Base URL, enter webpage address and click OK.

webpage hyperlink

Upon clicking hyperlink, it will immediately open up specified webpage address in default browser.

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