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Excel 2010: Change Font Case With Lower/Upper Functions

This post covers how to change the font case of data in any column or row. As editing each cell in huge data set takes a lot of precious time, you may want to use Excel 2010 build-in  LOWER and UPPER functions to streamline the font case.

For changing the case of alphabets in cells, you can use LOWER function to lower the case and UPPER to convert into capital letters.

The syntax of both functions is same;


You can also insert text manually or specify location of cell containing text. In the screenshots below, you can see change of font case.




  1. this really does not help. it seems a lot of work for something that should be simple jsu to change case – but I’d like to know how do you have a word that is all caps but just the first letter is large – the rest are sentence case?

  2.  If you delete original column, then the formula won’t work in the corrected column.  I don’t want two columns.  I don’t see this as a fix.

    • In that case you just need to copy the new column and then special paste it as values only.
      After wards you can delete the originial (or referenced column), it will not affect your new column.

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