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How To Insert Date / Time In PowerPoint 2010 Presentation

In PowerPoint 2010, you can insert Date/Time in multiple ways and formats along with an option to choose language or calendar type. In this post we will look at how to insert date/time in the presentation.

For inserting date/time in presentation slide, open a slide and navigate to Insert tab, from Text group, click Date & Time.


This will bring up Header and Footer dialog, enable Date and time option, and beneath it choose a date format. Click Apply to All. It will insert date and time on all the slides.


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  • Cop03im Cycle


    Can we change the date format, say, from “February 12” to “February 2012”? I only want to put the month and the year on my presentation slides but the only option in the drop-down menu is “February 12”.

    • jmcw

      Same question here. How can I specify the date format to show “month yyyy”?