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How To Rotate Cell In Excel 2010

Sometimes it is required to rotate the text in cell in order to prevent cell’s width/height changes. Excel 2010 provides a list of ways in which you can rotate the text, lets take a look at where to access these rotation options.

For rotating the text in a cell to different angles or changing the orientation of the cell, select the text, navigate to Home tab, from Alignment group, under Orientation Options, select cell’ s orientation.


Upon selection, cell will be rotated to specified orientation.



  1. thanks, also I wanted to know whether I can rotate the colour of the cell , this is useful as I am using excel to illustrate the shape of cube in different angles and colours. Also I need to copy this for 30 to 40 positions. It would enable me to paste the entire range as is and then rotate the colours, or is there cell address formula which will not only hold good for values but colours also …

  2. I use PowerPoint 2010. There is NO “Alighment group” in my version of PowerPoint 2010. There is NO icon that looks like the one you base your entire explanation on.

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