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Quickly Select Complete Column and Row In Excel 2010

Want to quickly select entire current row or column in your Excel sheet to perform the a set of actions over all the data values present in the selected row and column? Often, while working on an Excel spreadsheet, users require to select the current entire column or row to perform required operations over all selected data values. This can be easily done using the mouse; all you need is to select the required row or column header in order to select the row/column, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could select the required column or row using a hotkey combination? Luckily, Excel 2010 lets you select a current row or column with a simple shortcut key. Using Shift + Space on keyboard selects the whole row, while using the Ctrl+Space will quickly select the current column, letting you perform the operations over the entire row/column without having to move the mouse. If you select current row and then use the shortcut to select the current entire column, Excel 2010 will automatically select entire sheet including both the rows and the columns. However, if you wish to quickly select the column after selecting the row, first unselect the selected row and then press Ctrl+Space to select the curent column.

The following screenshots show the way Excel 2010 highlights the rows and columns when aforementioned shortcuts are used.



It is must be noted here that position of active cells doesn’t matter as long as you have not selected multiple cells before using the hotkey combinations.

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