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Word 2010 Bookmarks

Bookmarking is an phenomena which enables you to mark-out important text or any other content. In Word 2010 you can easily add a bookmark for the important portion of the document, it could be heading, image, imported object, audio file, paragraph, etc.

Launch Word 2010 document on which you want to add bookmarks for important content.


Just select the portion of document; heading, number, term, concept etc which you want to remember and navigate to Insert tab, click Bookmark.


Bookmark dialog will appear, under Bookmark name specify an appropriate name for it, from Sort by: you can sort the bookmark list based on Name and Location, click Add.


For adding another bookmarks, repeat the whole procedure to bring up Bookmark dialog. Now we will be adding a bookmark for a complete paragraph, as shown in the screenshot below.


Now for navigating to the bookmarked content, just open the Bookmark dialog, from here you can also delete existing bookmarks by clicking on Delete button. Select the desired bookmark and click Go To.

go to

Upon click it will instantly move you to the bookmarked content.


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