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All In One Toolkit For HTC HD2 Android Makes It Easier To Flash ROMs, Recovery And MAGLDR

In case you are using HTC HD2 and running Android, then All in One Toolkit for HTC HD2 is a must have tool. For the time being, this toolkit is only intended for users who flashed Android ROMs in their NAND and the basic motive is to simplify the process of modifying different features and elements required for optimizing Android execution.


Here are the main features of this All In One Tool Kit for HTC HD2 NAND users:

  • cLK and MAGLDR installation is simplified.
  • ROMs, Radios, SPL can be installed / flashed with a single click.
  • Partition / Re-Partition Of Memory
  • Single Click Recovery installation.
  • Automated Procedure To Flash NBH files.

HD2 Toolkit evolved from a simple MAGLDR installation tool but consistent development support has turned it into a complete out-of-the-box solution for Android users on HTC HD2. MAGLDR partition is one of the most outstanding features of this tool as it allows the users to perform a complete device WIPE and change system partition according to user’s desire. This option can come handy when your new ROM requires more space or different partition type.

cLK recovery installation is another awesome feature of this toolkit as it allows you to update custom Recovery from old version to new in cLK. cLK repartition option also comes integrated in this tool which can easily repartition your HD2 running cLK bootloader easily.

All in all, All in one Toolkit for HTC HD2 Android [NAND] is an awesome tool that can be your phone’s life saver and optimizer at the same time. For more information and downloads, please consult the official XDA thread posted here.


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