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Perfect Viewer For Android Is Brilliant Comic Reader And Image Viewer

The default picture viewer of Android is fast enough when it comes to viewing images taken from the build-in camera. However, it lacks some features, cannot load certain formats, and is quite slow when viewing large images that have been downloaded from email attachments or imported from your PC. Suppose you want to read a comic in CBR format, the default image viewer will fail to load it. Perfect Viewer comes forward for a quick rescue in this situation. It is a free app designed for quick image views with the use of pinch to zoom feature, supporting a large number of formats, including jpeg, png, zip, rar, 7zip, cbr, and more.

Different image resize methods are predefined, including, actual size, fit to screen, fit to width, fit to height or manual. Nearest-neighbor, averaging, bilinear, bi-cubic, and lanczos3 are the available resampling methods. Browsing can be done in terms of archives and defined pages. Main screen functions can be reassigned from Preferences depending on your need.


perfectviewerqrThis app is quite amazing at what it does, now you can read your comics seamlessly. Reading options can be configured left to right or right to left. Moreover, it can cache next and previous pages / images so that the user gets the best previewing possible.

Install Perfect Viewer from AppBrain or scan the QR code.


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