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AnonySend: Prank Your Friends With Emails From Any Fake ID [Cydia]

A prank is only funny as long as the person getting pranked can laugh with you after a while. Like most things, the art of pranking has moved into the digital age as well. Instead of hiding behind doors, now there are fake emails and the like. You might be able to find many apps which can let you prank your friends via email, but the new Cydia app named AnonySend just might be the best of them all. Using AnonySend, people can email anyone using a faked name, complete with an assumed sender ID. This might sound like a dangerous thing, but the app is intended to be used just for fun, and the receiver can see through the prank upon closer inspection. Read on to know more about AnonySend.

Disclaimer: AnonySend has been designed to prank friends and those who can stand it, and that’s solely what it should be used for. We do not usually feature such apps, but everyone deserves a good laugh or two at times. Nevertheless, AddictiveTips cannot be held liable for the usage, or consequences thereof, of this app, whatever you employ it for.

AnonySend Cydia AnonySend

AnonySend is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once you have installed it, the app will appear as a standalone Springboard icon on your iPhone. Using the app is easy, just launch it and AnonySend will direct you through necessary steps. The first field must contain the name you want the recipient to see in their inbox when they get the mail. To round up the hoax, enter any email ID in the second field, and even if the victim tries to see the address of the sender, they will see that ID and not your actual email address. Now, you are almost done, and just have to enter the actual email ID of the receiver and the mail’s subject.

Once everything is in place, type the email’s content and hit the Send button. So far, it appears that there is no way for the victim to know what hit them. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon your perspective), that is not the case. AnonySend has a fixed font (a rather small one) and there is no way of changing that. Also, the emails you send can be easily traced back to you via your IP address. The biggest loophole in AnonySend is that if the recipient responds to the fake mail, the reply will go to the assumed email ID you entered in the second field, almost certainly exposing the prank.

Nevertheless, we urge our readers to employ AnonySend for recreational purposes only, as this free app can cause problems for yourself if you use it maliciously.

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