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Calendar GOWidget For GO Launcher EX Released [Android]

The GO Dev Team – developers of the popular GO Launcher EX for Android – seems to be on a roll here.For the third time in the same month, here we are, reporting yet another commendable addition to the already-quite-awesome GO Launcher EX. The Calendar GOWidget for GO Launcher EX has been released to the Android Market. Like all other GO products, this widget is also available for free and compliments your GO Launcher EX pretty well. More after the break.

Calendar ViewList of EventsCalendar GoWidget 2x2

This Calendar widget comes in two sizes (4×3 and 2×2). The smaller one only displays all events filed under the current date while the larger widget allows you to view the entire calendar with added events marked on their respective days. The 4×3 widget also allows you to switch to a list view of all filed events.

The widget’s interface (the snazzy transitions that appear while switching between months in the 4×3 widget) is identical in look and feel, to that of the previously reviewed Messaging GOWidget. Now that the GO dev team has completed their prized launcher’s assortment of essential widgets, let’s hope they’ll move on to making them skinnable, as that seems to be the only thing missing from them right now. They do look swell with the default GO Launcher EX theme but if you have chosen one of the countless themes available for it, these may look out-of-sync with the overall look and feel depending on the theme you have selected. Still, considering the added functionality, they are pretty slick nevertheless.

The widget is the fourth in the GOWidget series. Other GOWidgets released by the GO Dev Team include  Task Manager GOWidget for keeping track of your memory usage and allowing you to kill running tasks, Contacts GOWidget for accessing your contact directory right from your home screen, and Messaging GOWidget for easy home screen access to your SMS messages. All these widgets compliment the already excellent GO Launcher EX, much the same way that GO Launcher Pro has its own widgets. The pace at which GO Dev Team is releasing such widgets, it shouldn’t be long before they have a wide array of widgets available that rival all the widgets available in the likes of HTC Sense and Launcher Pro. Note that these widgets are meant to be used only with GO Launcher, and will not work on other launchers.

You can download the widget for free from within GO Launcher EX or directly from the Android Market via the link given below. Once installed, it can easily be selected from the widgets list and dropped on your home screen.

Download Calendar GOWidget

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