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Edit Ubuntu Unity Launcher Quicklist With Unity Launcher Editor

There has been a lot of talk about customizing Ubuntu Unity Launcher. For this reason a lot of tweaks and related applications have been coming out lately. One such example is Unity 2D- Desktop Settings (tweak).

Unity Launcher Editor is a GUI based application for managing Unity items and quicklists. It allows creating a customized quick list group and provides the option to add or remove Unity Launcher items. Moreover, you can even change Unity icons with available options.

To install Unity Launcher Editor, open Terminal window and enter the following commands:

sudo apt-get install bzr
  bzr branch lp:unity-launcher-editor

To view the GUI interface, enter the below command in the Terminal


Once the editor is launched, you canĀ  add/remove an item, select a Unity icon and click Add or Remove. To add a quicllist, click + (Add) button.

Unity Editor

Unity Launcher Editor is still in the development stage and therefore, you may encounter some bugs. You can find out more about Unity Launcher Editor from the Launchpad link given below.

Download Unity Editor Launcher

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