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Calibrate Battery On Android Devices With Battery Calibration

Experienced ROM flashers of Android devices will be quite familiar with the concept of clearing the battery stats every time in order to calibrate the battery. This is mostly needed when a new ROM is flashed with the battery at less then 100 percent. Earlier, we covered the manual method on how to fix the battery drain issue on rooted Android devices, but this manual re-calibration can be quite cumbersome depending on your device type as it requires you to boot into recovery mode, and more. Not anymore, thanks largely to the XDA-Developers forum member marosige, who has come up with an app named, Battery Calibration. This free Android app allows you to clear those battery stats rather more conveniently through a simple user interface. Read on for more on this app and to download it.

Now, the question many would be asking is, “What’s the advantage of using this app over clearing battery stats from recovery and then fully charging and discharging your phone?”. The answer is a threefold one.android-battery

  • This app first of all, eliminates the need to boot into recovery and rocking a few hardware keys.
  • Secondly, the app will only let you delete the battery stats when and only the battery is charged at 100 percent, thereby eliminating any false calibration that may or may not occur when going through recovery.
  • That said, this app can be really handy for users with stock recoveries but rooted devices where you can’t clear the battery stats via recovery. This app will still allow you to do that.

But one thing this app will not do for you is discharge the phone completely and then charge back to 100 percent. Yes, in order to truly calibrate your battery, you will have to do that manually. There is no automated way out of that for now.

As you can see below a few screenshots of the very simple interface that only requires you to hit the Battery Calibration button once the phone is charged at 100 percent. The app shows you the current battery level as well for convenience. Again, as the screenshots provided below demonstrate, using Battery Calibration is a 4-step affair:

1. Connect your device to the charger

2. Wait for the device to charge completely (100%)

3. Unplug the device

4. Finally, hit the Battery Calibration button at the bottom

battery calibration-1battery calibration-error

(https://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=562271&d=1302108895) Download Battery Calibration (https://www.addictivetips.com/app/uploads/2011/04/BatteryCalibration.apk) Mirror

For updates and queries regarding this tool, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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  1. Hi

    Will this application also work with my stock 4.4.2 OS because i do not have a custom rom installed or will it cause issues?

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