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Clear iOS Multitasking Bar With One Tap Using KillBackground [Cydia Tweak]

Multitasking in iOS is one of it’s most distinguishing features. It takes the operating system’s usability to a whole new level. You don’t have to worry about accidentally exiting a task, and face losing all your progress. Simply double tap the home button and one of your best iOS friends, the multitasking bar, appears listing all the tasks you ever ran on your iPhone or iPad. However this comes at a cost, running too much tasks (and that means really too much) can cause battery drain or degraded performance. However if the task list exceeds 20, it can be quite a nuisance to kill each task one by one. Now you don’t have to do that, as KillBackground performs this mass execution for you!

Normal ModeJiggle Mode

For jailbroken users, this Cydia tweak is a real time-saver. Present in the Big Boss repo, you can grab it by searching for “KillBackground” in the Cydia store. Once you have downloaded it, the tweak will start working automatically without doing anything. Although it might be hard to notice at first, a small skull will be visible in the right hand corner of your multitasking bar. Tap it and straight away, the bar will become clear of each and every task running currently.

By going to the Settings menu you can also configure KillBackground to show its icon in the left hand corner of the bar too. The functionality remains the same in either case. There are quite a few alternatives available, like MultiCleaner and RemoveBackground, but KillBackground can hold it’s own against them, being free and quite efficient in what it’s designed to do.

[via iDownloadBlog]


  1. I think bigboss have something else which does the same task better than this. I am currently using it on my 3G IOS 4.1. Its much more simple and flawless. Its called removeBG. All you need is go to Cydia and search RemoveBG. The download will also have SBS setting toggle of RemoveBG. So to kill taks u can get to SBSsetting and just hit removeBG button. You can also add exclusion ( some tasks u do not want to kill- like messaging, emails, phone etc). Once you setup exclusions, all the other tasks will be killed automatically except the ones you excluded. Its really great app.

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