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Display GMail Unread Email Counts By Labels On Android Home Screen

Are you a Gmail user on Android? Looking for a way to quickly view all the unread emails by labels on the home screen of your Android phone? There has been no official release from Google as of yet that lets you do this, but a simple widget called GmailWidget+ is out on the Android Market to serve this very purpose. What it basically does is to display all the unread Gmail counts by labels and gives you instant access to directly launch the particular labels in the Gmail app by tapping on them, right from your Android home screen. Read on for more details, screenshots and download link.

While the official GMail app that comes with Android is pretty good, its widget is lacking a very basic feature that many of us are bound to find useful – the ability to see unread emails by labels. Instead, the official GMail widget only lets you choose one label to display email from. For those of us who have filters set in our GMail accounts to sort out our email by labels automatically and skip inbox, this can be quite a drawback. Luckily, GmailWidget+ solves this problem for all of us.

GmailWidget+ doesn’t really come with a whole host of options but then, it doesn’t really need many considering its purpose. Once installed from the Android Market, just go on your home screen and add this widget. A new settings screen will open up, giving you three different options. ‘Show Unread/All Labels’ will toggle between showing all the labels and counts of unread emails in them or only the labels with unread messages. It doesn’t get more simple than this.


By selecting default account from the main settings, you can only see the unread messages in your account without labels. And lastly, the widget comes with two built-in themes – classic skin and dt graphite. All in all, it is a great widget for Gmail users for having access to your inbox with labels and unread messages right from your home screen, and a must-have for any Android user who uses GMail and has configured filters for incoming email to be sorted by labels.

GmailWidget+ is available for free at the Android Market and you can download and install it using the link given below. Got your own favourite Gmail widget? We’d love to know about it, so do drop us a comment about it below.

Update: Unfortunately, in an update to the GMail app, Google has blocked third-party apps and widgets from accessing GMail data. Therefore, this widget and all other similar ones that relied on this access no longer work.

Install GmailWidget+ from Android Market

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