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Beautiful Widgets For Android – Free Version Released

Beautiful Widgets, one of the most popular and applauded widget suites on the Android Market, now has a Lite version. Though Beautiful Widgets Lite sports less than half the features of the full version, it is still better than most other free clock and weather widgets out there. If you’re new to Android, live in a region where purchasing from the Market isn’t supported or simply want to try out the widget sensation without having to spend a dime, here’s your chance. And you might want to hurry up. The Lite version “might be a limited offer”.


The free version comes with a total of six widgets. These include four Super Clock (weather and clock) widgets (2×1, 4×1, 4×2 and 4×3) and two Weather widgets (1×1 and 4×1). The customization of the widgets is only slightly limited as compared to the full version. Following is the list of features that have been removed from the free version.

  • Premium server on Accuweather for weather service
  • Beautiful Home widget in two sizes (4×2 and 4×1) and with 350+ skins
  • All Super Clock layouts with 130+ skins (Lite version only includes 3 skins)
  • Toggle widgets for WiFi, Vibration, Airplane mode, Orientation, Timed Silence and more.
  • Beautiful Today date widget
  • Battery widget with 45+ skins

If you’re just looking for a good, flexible clock and weather widget with a few interchangeable skins, you’ll find Beautiful Widgets Lite to be more than adequate. However, be warned – one look at the themes unavailable in the Lite version might make you want to buy the full version.

Download Beautiful Widgets Lite

Update: Beautiful Widgets Lite seems to have been pulled from the Google Play Store. However, who needs a feature-constrained lite version when you can download the ‘real deal’ from GetJar for free! Our comprehensive review of Beautiful Widgets not only lists the goodies included within the package, but also helps you navigate to the app’s GetJar page.

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