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[Download] Beautiful Widgets For Android Available On GetJar For Free

When talking of some of the most downloaded and popular homescreen widgets for Android, its hard to look past Beautiful Widgets. The entire suite of elegant and customizable Beautiful (SuperClock, Weather, Today and Toggles) Widgets is available in the Android Market  for around $3 but thanks to GetJar (and its Gold project), Android users can now download the full pack of Beautiful Widgets from their Android store without paying a dime. This is great news as it seems that the developers have already removed the free (Lite) version of the app from the Market. Despite being a tad feature-constrained, at least, the Lite variant allowed Android users to experience on their devices whatever elegance Beautiful Widgets had on offer. However, with the full version now being offered for free on GetJar, rest assured that not many users will be found complaining against the removal of the free one.

Weather apps come and go, but when talking about something of the caliber of Beautiful Widgets, the testament that goes largely in favor of this revered app is that, despite being priced rather highly as compared to some of the free alternatives, it has been able to attract a large contingent of users who are willing to pay every single penny that Beautiful Widgets asks to be procured. Once you install Beautiful Widgets, you can modify app’s Home, SuperClock and Weather settings along with tweaking the skins settings for each.  Beautiful Widgets are comprised of as many as 17 different widgets that include:

  • Beautiful Battery
  • Beautiful Home Weather (large & small)
  • Beautiful SuperClock (in 4 sizes)
  • Beautiful Text Clock
  • Beautiful Today (in 2 sizes)
  • Beautiful Toggle (total 12 switches)
  • Beautiful Weather (in 2 sizes)


The twelve (12) Beautiful Toggles include:

  • Brightness
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS (only a shortcut)
  • Silent
  • Vibrate
  • Mobile (for data, not compatible with all devices)
  • Plane
  • 4G (only compatible with with HTC Devices with WiMax Support)
  • Rotate
  • Pattern (only for devices running OS 1.5 – 2.1)
  • Time Silenced

To place one (or more) Beautiful Widgets, long press on a vacant area on your homescreen and select Widgets from the Add to Home screen menu. From the Choose Widget menu, select Beautiful Widgets and pick a widget of your liking.


The link to the app’s GetJar page is provided below. To download the app directly to your Android device from GetJar’s mobile site, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit m.getjar.com from your phone’s browser
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Quick Download
  3. Enter the product code ‘231883’ in the provided box to begin the download.

Download Beautiful Widgets for Android (GetJar Link)

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