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Cut The Rope For Android Released On GetJar!

The word around the web was that the Android variant of ZeptoLab’s award winning iOS puzzle game, Cut The Rope and its oh-so-adorable mascot, Om Nom were due for an official unveiling some time today. And sure enough, the long wait after the initial announcement finally came to an end a few hours ago when the game was released to GetJar’s Android app store. As explained in a freshly published article on GetJar’s blog, the source of the aforementioned news, a new Twitter account with username @CTRAndroid, was a “teaser campaign” launched by GetJar after ZeptoLabs chose the mobile app store for the game’s initial launch. As of this writing, only a free (ad-supported) version of the game is available.  The developers are yet to mention anything regarding an ad-free paid version or the release of the game on the Android Market.

Unlike in the case of a few other games ported over from the iOS (Fruit Ninja, for instance), the shift in platforms seems to have had minimal or no effect on Cut The Rope’s performance. We’re playing it right now on an HTC Desire (running MIUI 1.6.17) and have experienced no lag at all as of yet. Download link after the break. Last one to the seventh level pack is Om Nom’s evil twin!

Cut the Rope For Android Main menuFeed-with-candy

Cut The Rope boasts great graphics coupled with gameplay that’ll keep you from returning to your home screen. Same as in the iOS version of the physics-based game, the objective is to get a piece of candy to a little, green, sweet-toothed alien called Om Nom, solving whatever puzzle lies in the way while collecting as many stars as possible. Don’t let the simple premise fool you. The game gets pretty challenging as it progresses. With each passing level, new elements are added and paired together, making it harder for you to figure out a solution and time your actions flawlessly. The game deserves all the acclaim it has received so far and more.

As of this writing, Cut The Rope for Android comes packed with 7 tiers (or level packs), each with 25 levels. More level packs will be added in future updates.


Head on over to GetJar (link below) to download the game. Remember, to install the downloaded APK, you must go to Settings > Applications and enable the Unknown sources options.

Update: The game was available on GetJar only around the time of its launch. Free and paid variants of the game are now available on the Google Play Store.

Download Cut The Rope Free for Android

Download Cut The Rope for Android (Paid)

[via @CTRAndroid]

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