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Download iTunes 9.2 Beta and iOS 4 for iPhone 3G and 3GS

If you were waiting to get in cue for the official seeding of iTunes 9.2 beta, and iOS 4 GM for iPhone 3GS and 3G, your wait is over! We have found a few exclusive links that will get you to download iTunes 9.2 as well as the Gold Master version of iOS 4 in one go! Read on for more details and the download links.

Each time Apple releases a new version of its mobile operating system iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, there is a lot of anticipation in the community about what new features it will bring to the table, and the jailbreaking community is left with worries on getting their jailbreaks to work with the latest iOS since Apple almost always patches the old jailbreaking methods in new iOS releases.

Before officially releasing a new iOS version, Apple usually releases a Gold Master edition for developers that lets those with developer accounts get a taste of what’s to come, and develop their apps accordingly to support the new versions of iOS. Every new iOS GM release is accompanied by a beta release of iTunes to support it, while a new iTunes final release accompanies the final release version of iOS.

Here are the download links to the latest iOS 4 GM edition and the iTunes 9.2 beta that it is compatible with.

iTunes 9.2 Beta: https://www.oldapps.com/itunes.php

iOS 4 GM for iPhone 3GS: https://depositfiles.com/en/files/imajjlubx

iOS 4 GM for iPhone 3G: https://hotfile.com/dl/47027501/b933959/iPhone12_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw.html

We couldn’t find an official download link that will allow users to download the iTunes 9.2 beta. It is pretty much clear that Apple has tightened its grip over the app development side this time and we will see some delayed unlocks and jailbreaks for sure.

If any of these links aren’t working, please check Apple’s download site to see if they are available there. It is still not clear whether there will be any iOS 4 GM and firmware release for the iPad and iPod Touch.

Also, it is very well speculated that iPod touch 4 might hit the market somewhere in September and if it is to ship with iOS 4 (which is most likely is), there might be a GM edition around for it too, but we can’t say for sure. Do let us know in the comments if you come across one.


  1. Can anyone confirm that they’re able to access 3G on AT&T in the US with this? I have everything else working, but can’t get 3G working. Would hate to restore.

    I’m using a 3G, installed with RedSnow 0.9.5b5-4.

    Using firmware iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw

    In Settings –> General –> About, I’m showing “AT&T” for network, and I’m getting the 3G icon and plenty of bars at the top of the iphone desktop. But in Settings –> General –> Usage, I’m showing 0 bytes sent and received.

    Soooo close.

  2. Is this the final release that is due on June 21st, or a BETA download.
    Downloading now for my 3GS at 64Kbs 🙁
    Will post results…

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