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Download Opera Mini 5.1 For Android OS

Opera has always been on the forefront of the mobile browser scene since the days when Windows Mobile and Symbian were the leading smartphone platforms. For quite a while, Opera Mini has been available as probably the fastest and lightest browser for Android that doesn’t compromise much on features. Though so far, it has held a beta tag. Though finally, Opera has decided to take a step further and has freed Opera Mini from its beta tag on Android OS. Currently Opera is becoming the most preferred mobile internet browser throughout the world, with approximately 61 Million unique users already using it.

Opera on android

Opera offers two mobile browsers for many smartphone platforms including Android. There’s Opera Mobile – the full-featured browser that can be considered the mobile counterpart of the full Opera desktop browser, and then there’s Opera Mini – the tiny yet fully functional mobile browser that offers less load on legacy or low-end devices while offering a feature-rich browsing experience. Opera Mini also uses Opera’s servers to speed up your browsing.

Opera was also quickly adopted by iOS users as a viable Safari replacement for their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices, and got 1 Million downloads within the first 24 hours of availability.  According to the official Opera website, Opera 5.1 is now officially available for Android based devices as a stable release. The press release that makes Opera official for Android handsets goes claims:

Opera Mini 5.1 for the Android platform is the next step in bringing the world’s most popular mobile web browser to all major platforms, offering improved performance and great web experience to almost any handset,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Opera Mini is used by over 61 million people on more than 3000 handset models and with today’s release Opera continues its mission to provide the best web experience on any device and on any platform.

This official Opera Mini 5.1 release seems to be a promising one for the large screened Android phones because now the browser offers improved page layout on such high-tech devices, allowing users to make best use of their screen real estate, whether they are browsing a website in mobile format or viewing its full desktop version – a feature Opera Mini has had for quite a while. You can also make Opera the default internet browser on your Android device. You can download Opera 5.1 directly from Market or use the link below for manual installation and further information.

Download Opera 5.1 For Android


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