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Updated Google+ v2.0 APK Gets Leaked, Brings Revamped UI

An updated version of the Google+ (v2.0.0) app apparently meant for the much anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich installment of Android has just been leaked onto the internet by the guys over at Android Police. An APK of the app is now available for download (links provided at the end) if you wish to take it for a spin before the official release (probably somewhere around the time ICS is released). The latest version seems to work on most Android devices and brings quite a few noticeable changes; in the interface though, and not in terms of functionality. For starters, Messenger (previously known as Huddle) has now been renamed to Chords. Apart from that, there have been other minor changes to the overall UI of the app which we shall explore via screenshots and brief details after the jump.

01-Google -v2-Home-Chords02-Google -v2-New-Message

The revamped interface of the app certainly looks well-polished. If you’re looking for the notification bar on the homescreen, you won’t find it at the bottom anymore. Instead, it has been condensed and repositioned at the top-right side of this screen. So, now you may easily sneak peek into your unread notifications count from the top rather than at the bottom of the app’s homescreen.

03-Google -v2-Photos04-Google -v2-Profile

Also, as you can see from the very first screenshot (above), Messenger has been renamed to Chords. However the change in the moniker of the tab hasn’t brought any noteworthy changes as the purpose of the new tab is the same as before. To our surprise, the camera button (for sharing photos) that was previously visible besides the text message field on the messenger screen has been completely eliminated.

Tapping the Circles button on the homescreen unveils a pleasant sight though. We’re not referring to the shift of the Circles and People tabs to the top but to the contacts from your various circles whose profile pictures are now displayed in thumbnails along with their respective circle.

05-Google -v2-Circles06-Google -v2-Notifications

Another noteworthy change in the new interface of Google+ can be seen within the Photos segment of the app. The tiles/thumbnails have been enlarged while the About, Photos and Posts tabs have been relocated to the top of the screen to mirror the interface of Ice Cream Sandwich. One other thing, the update seems to be missing the homescreen widget for phones.

To download the APK of Google+ v2.0.0 to your device, click on any one of the links provided below.

Download Google+ v2

[via Android Police]


  1. I installed it and it just ruin my contact list, I guess it has something to do with the sync, but it made de acore process to stop :/ yet, it looks great!

    • It’s missing. This isn’t the final build, of course. Just an incomplete variant that got leaked. It’s missing the photo sharing button in Chords too.

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