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Fix 3-Button Combo Download & Recovery Mode In Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

There was an unlucky batch of some Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S phones that cannot be put into download and recovery modes using the standard three-button combos. This poses a huge problem for the users of these phones, as they cannot literally apply any mods, leaked firmware etc whatsoever.

The problem is caused by a faulty SBL (secondary bootloader) in these devices. Luckily, a fix exists for this issue, involving flashing a custom ‘fixed’ secondary bootloader to your device, that should enable the 3-button combos once again.

Discalimer: Please note this process is highly dangerous, and can permanently brick your device if not follow properly. While the success rate is over 99%, proceed at your own risk.The instructions provided herein are ‘as is’ only, with no liability on AddictiveTips part.


Make sure that you have:

  • Samsung drivers preinstalled (verify this by checking that Kies actually recognizes your phone)
  • ADB installed on your machine (refer to this guide here to ensure that)
  • USB Debugging mode turned on in device’s settings (go to “Settings –> Applications –> Development” menu)
  • Without plugging in the USB cable, type *#0228# in the phone dialer, and ensure that Voltage value is AT LEAST 3800 (mV). (This must be done WITHOUT plugging in the USB cable).
  • Odin3 Multi-downloader v1.3 (can be downloaded here)
  • Modified SBL tar file (Download here)
  • Removed SIM and external microSD cards

When all set, start Odin in administrator mode (or run it with an admin account). Load the downloaded TAR file as PDA, and make sure that Re-partition is UNCHECKED and Phone Bootloader Update is CHECKED.


Now plug the USB cable into the phone. Start a new command prompt window and navigate to the folder/directory where you have installed ADB.

Put the phone in download mode using adb method. Enter the following command:

adb reboot download

This will put your phone in download mode. Check Odin now, and if ID:COM has turned yellow, you’re good to go. (Again ensure that you have not selected any other files that the one in PDA, and that re-partition and bootloader update options are correct)

Once you’re satisfied, press the Start button on Odin. The flash will take about three seconds, after which your phone will reboot automatically.

That’s it. This should fix your download and recovery mode 3-button combo issue. You can now apply any mods with the normal procedure.


To go in Download mode, press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power Button

For Recovery mode, press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power Button

Also check out our guide on flashing Froyo on your Samsung Galaxy S phone via Odin.


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