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Fix Auto Rotation on Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Samsung Galaxy S Auto RotateAre you annoyed with the auto-rotation sensitivity of your Samsung Galaxy S I9000? Do you wish it would be a little less sensitive so that it wouldn’t rotate while you are picking your phone up from the desk, or while you just tilt it for one moment while using it? If your phone is running Froyo or later, there is a quick fix for this annoyance that you can now use to make your life a little bit easier!

This quick fix has been made available to us by XDA-Developers forum member xan and it employs simply flashing a file to your phone from ClockworkMod Recovery. The developer has used the lower sensitivity values from the HTC Desire HD which seems work rotate after just the right delay and at just the right tilt.

While this hack is intended only for the Galaxy S I9000, you can try it on other Galaxy S Series devices at your own risk to see if it works. Make sure to take a nandroid backup before you do so, so that you could revert back to the way things were in case it doesn’t work for you.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. Copy the downloaded Auto Rotation Fix file to the root of your phone’s internal SD card.
  2. Reboot your phone into recovery.
  3. Perform a nandroid backup.
  4. Wipe cache, followed by Dalvik cache.
  5. Flash the zip file to your phone from recovery.
  6. Reboot your phone.

In case you aren’t familiar with performing any of these steps, refer to our comprehensive guide on how to flash a zip file to an Android device from recovery.

[via XDA-Developers]

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