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Get Notification / Alert When No Signal Is Found In Android Phone

How many of you would like to automatically get notified when entering a no-signal zone? You will never find signals in most remote parts of the country. One great way to automatically get notified on your Android phone is to use No Signal Alert. This app will generate logs and display customizable alerts in status bar, when the signal is dead. Not just that, No Signal Alert can also keep you apprised of the current signal strength via a visually attractive signal meter.

It is very easy to use and simple app with the ability to enable or disable the service at any time by tapping the power button. Obviously, once the application is off, it won’t be able to monitor any signal loss. All the records including when the signal was lost and found will be tracked under events on the main screen of this app. The main screen also allows you to clear all the events by tapping the garbage bin button. Events can be sorted as all events, signal lost, and signal returned. From Settings menu, alerts can be set to get cleared automatically once the signal returns.

Both signal found and lost can be customized, which includes, status bar notification, sound, led indicator and vibration. Different kind of notification sounds can be adjusted via the sound preferences.


Notification alerts can be tested by going to menu > my alerts. As mentioned earlier, the app supports logging all events involved with signal detection. Therefore, by navigating to the Logbook tab of the app, you may keep an eye on all the events in a chronological order. Need an even more detailed breakdown of all the events. Hitting the All events drop down at the bottom, you can switch between various views, such as Signal Lost, Signal Returned and Emergency-only. It is also from the same screen that you may clear all events from the list, or test various alerts.


A great app to keep a check on your signal and access your service provider’s network reliability. This app was successfully tested on Galaxy S. No Signal Alert is available in the Android Market as both free and $1.99 variant. The biggest benefit in going with the paid version is that it will display map view of your dead zone, so that you may easily tell what regions around you won’t be providing you with any signals.

Download No Signal Alert For Android (Free)

Download No Signal Alert Pro For Android (Paid)

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