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Glympse For Android Lets Anyone Track Your Live Location

Are you running late to a party? Tired of getting calls frequently stating ‘where are you’? Wished there were a simple app for your Android smartphone that would allow your family and friends to stay updated on your location in real time? We’ve got just the one for you! Enter Glympse – a nifty app for Android that does just that, and in a no-frills way that simply works. So let’s take it on a spin right after the jump!

Glympse is an easy way to safely share your location in real time. One of the best parts about it is that you don’t have to sign-up with the service to use it. Another interesting and extremely useful bit is that none of your friends and family need to have Glympse installed in order to track your location.


It works like this: You install and set up the app on your Android phone and then activate what the app calls a Glympse of your location. Once a Glympse is active on your phone, all you have to do is to send it to anyone via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter right from the app itself. Your recipients receive the Glympse with a hyperlink attached and by simply visiting that link, they get a live Google map feed with your avatar, name, location, direction and speed. Can’t be more simple, now can it?

It also offers a permanent location feature that can be updated for intervals to track a particular path towards a specific location. This option is great for giving someone directions to a place they are not familiar with. One very practical scenario for this is if you and your friends or family are going somewhere in multiple vehicles, and only those in the leading car know the directions. With Glympse, those who are following can be sure they can keep on following them even if they lose sight of them due to traffic issues or being left behind, because they can see the complete path of the leading car right on their own devices, traced on Google Maps.

Since there is no registration or user accounts involved, your privacy isn’t at risk either. Also, since Glympses can be enabled or disabled easily right from the interface, you can be sure that your location can only be tracked when you want, and only by those you want.

Glympse is available for free in Android Market and can be downloaded using the link given below. More information can be found at the Glympse website.

Visit Glympse website

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