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How To Gain Full Market Access in ViewSonic G-Tablet

viewsonicmarketIf you have a ViewSonic G-Tablet lying around and do not have full Android Market access on it, get your hands on it as we are bringing you a guide that will allow you to enable it on your tablet. This has been made possible using a workaround that force closes the Market app and wipes the data for the Google Services Framework. Both these steps have to be done manually. Read on below for a complete tutorial on how to do this.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  • A rooted ViewSonic G-Tablet. See how to root Viewsonic G Tablet.
  • (https://droidpirate.com/android/gtablet/TitaniumBackup_latest.zip) Titanium Backup


  1. Download the Titanium Backup zip file from the link above (since you don’t have Market access yet.)
  2. Unzip and extract it to any location on the SD card.
  3. Open up ES File Explorer, browse to the location of the APK file and install it.
  4. Ensure the Market is working on your Google ID.
  5. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market.
  6. When taken to the Market page, Force Stop the Market and Google Services Framework.
  7. In Titanium Backup application that you have downloaded and installed before, go into ‘Backup/Restore’, look for ‘Google Services Framework 2.2’, tap on it and then choose ‘Wipe Data’.
  8. Go back to your home screen.
  9. Run Market on your device now. You should get an error. If you get no error, try the above steps again until you do. Getting that error is absolutely important.
  10. Once you get the error, reboot your device.

Wait for at least a minute after the OS has booted and then start Android Market again. You should notice all of your applications visible in the Market right now. You still have to do one more reboot to actually have the ability to download and install applications.

Enjoy the full access to the Android Market like all Android users!

[via DroidPirate]


  1. Actually, unless you are determined to jailbreak it and void warranties for fun, you can order a $90 upgrade which removes the limitations, upgrades to 2.3 and loads Android Market…Contact their 3rd party support web site for info

  2. I just bought the Gtablet. I rooted it, have TnT Lite v4.3.2. I have the titanium backup….i have done everything I possibly can to get the full market. NO LUCK. I have the new icons like navigation, places, sniffer,etc…but no market. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I AM DOING WRONG.

    • I also tried and no luck, and am beginning to think that this will work only if you already have an Android phone with your Google ID associated with it.

  3. Hi, after running the update zip from the recovery mode, it says install completed, then restarted.
    Yet, after installing Titanium, and attempting to run it, it said IT COULD NOT GET ROOT ACCESS.

    Followed the steps exactly. G Tablet, recieved it about three days ago, was posted about a month ago from the supplier.

    Am I missing something?

  4. Hey, these steps are pretty good thus far, however I just got my G-Tablet and it does not have google marketplace on it in any app form. Step 4 and 5 are telling you to ensure that your market is working and to check it out by going to settings -> applications and so forth. But…in looking through the steps before this, there is nothing that has added the marketplace app in order for me to check on. Am I missing something? I can’t really perform steps 4 or 5 without that app being on the phone. Do I just download the Vending.apk from anywhere and proceed from there? Any help would be great!

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