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How To Jailbreak (Unlock) Samsung Focus [Guide]

To acquire complete control over your Windows Phone 7, you need to have jailbreak it. The process of jailbreaking unlocks your device. An unlocked device means that you have purchased a developer’s license from Microsoft, certifying that you are allowed to have an unlocked device. But in the smartphone world everything has a workaround and there is always that little hack or fix that lets you do anything with your phone in any way you want. We covered unlocking a  WP7 device in our unlocking guide, but if you are a Samsung Focus user and would like to get a more detailed and easy-to-follow walkthrough then here it is!

Unlocking can be a bit risky so be sure you know what you are doing before taking this up.


  1. You need ChevronWP7 downloaded to your system. For download, follow the link.
  2. WP7 developer tools. This tool suit has a considerable download size (about 3 GB) so make sure you have a good internet connection. The tools can be downloaded here.
  3. Go to this page and download the archive named “TCPView for Windows”.
  4. All HTTPS tasks must be halted. To accomplish this open TCPView and under the “Local Port” tab look for any such process. If there is any such HTTPS running, go to Task Manager and kill it.
  5. You need to have Zune installed and working on your PC.
  6. While following the whole procedure you need to be signed in as an administrator from your computer.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  1. Samsung FocusClick the “vm_web” file you just downloaded for WP7 tools. This well open an installation wizard with easy onscreen instructions. Go through with the installation and then restart your PC.
  2. Open the Chevron archive and select the “ChevronWP7.cer” file. Open any mailing service and e-mail this cer file to yourself (to be accessed from your phone).
  3. From your Focus go to your mail account and download the file you just sent. When you try this, instead of downloading, the only thing that will happen will be the change of icon.
  4. Tap the new icon (a shield) and from the resulting menu choose “Install”.
  5. After the Chevron installation is complete, go to your phone’s Settings menu and turn on Airplane mode.
  6. On your computer, go back to the Chevron archive, and open “ChevronWP7.reg” file.
  7. Opening this file will open a new prompt, select “Yes” and then “OK”.
  8. Connect your PC and phone via USB cable.
  9. Sync with Zune.
  10. Go to Zune’s Phone menu and ensure that you are connected to the primary computer.
  11. Keep your phone active, it should not go to sleep from now till the end of the process. But don’t move away from the home screen.
  12. Go to the Chevron archive and click “ChevronWP7.exe”. Choose “Unlock” from the opened screen. (Don’t forget to tick the two boxes present).

And thus, you will have a developer unlocked Samsung Focus. Have fun!

[Source: WMPU]

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