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How To: Overclock HTC Dream G1 To 625 MHz

If you are a HTC Dream G1 owner, then you can easily Overclock your phone to go as high as 625 MHz which is double the stock speed. Please note that this Overclocking hack can only work on rooted HTC Dream or G1 and you can find the detailed Root Instructions here. In order to make this hack work, you will also need to have a custom CyanogenMOD Android 2.1 Rom running on your Phone. Until now this Hack has been reported working fine on Rooted HTC Dreams running custom Android 2.1 Eclair ROM. 

Here are the step by step instructions on how to Overclock your HTC Dream G1 to 625 MHz.

  • The first step is to download and install Setcpu on your phone. You can find it in the market or download the file here and install in your G1 using “Apps installer” utility.
  • Launch Setcpu on your phone and make sure that the CPU speed is set at 528 MHz.
  • On the screen select “Set On Boot” and “Ondemand”.
  • Now download this update.zip 625 MHz Overclock stable file available here and flash it on your device using Armon Recovery.
  • Now reboot your phone and launch Setcpu. Press “Menu” button and select “Autodetect” tab on the screen.
  • You will notice that there are speeds up to 825 MHz now available. Please do not select anything above 768 MHz because your device will get instantly bricked or locked. It is highly recommended to set the CPU speed at 625 MHz.
  • Now follow onscreen instructions to set the min and max CPU speed. It is recommended to range this between 245 Min and 625 or 576 Max.
  • Using the Setcpu tool, you can also create a sleep mode profile where you can put minimum and maximum both at 245 MHz as it will protect you from battery drain while in sleep mode.

All credit for this procedure goes to developers at XDA Forums.

Disclaimer: AddictiveTips won’t be responsible for any damage caused to your device while carrying out the above procedures. Please attempt this hack at your own risk.

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  • Namdroid

    After I flash the Overclock stable file and reboot, my phone does not want to restart. Any idea why?

  • Does it drain the battery a lot?