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How To Root Viewsonic Viewpad 7 Android Tablet With SuperOneClick

Root Viewsonic Viewpad 7Viewpad 7 is Viewsonic’s 7 inch Android tablet that’s been out for a while now and recently, there have been reports of successfully rooting it with one of the most widely used universal rooting methods – SuperOneClick. For detailed instructions, read on after the break.

Viewsonic Viewpad 7 is a pretty neat 7 inch Android tablet and comes at a decent price as well, compared to other similar sized devices. Rooting this tablet gives you the benefit of being able to install thousands of apps that require root access to work. Fortunately, rooting the tablet is really easy and anyone can do it without having to enter any commands.

If you are unsure whether you should root your device or not, check out our guide on top 10 reasons to root your Android device and for our collective coverage of all things root related to Android, see our guide on how to root your Android device.

Credit goes to XDA-Developers forum member veryhip for verifying that SuperOneClick can successfully root this tablet and to lakehousetech for providing us with these step-by-step instructions.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process. Also, rooting voices your warranty.

  1. Visit our detailed guide on SuperOneClick, download the latest version of the tool from there and extract the contents of the zip file to your computer.
  2. On your tablet, go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development and enable USB Debugging.
  3. Connect your tablet to your computer via USB.
  4. Right-click SuperOneClick.exe from the files extracted in Step 1, and click ‘Run as Administrator’.
  5. In SuperOneClick, select the ‘rageagainstthecage’ radio button and click ‘Root’.
  6. Wait patiently and in case of no activity for over 30 seconds with the SuperOneClick display stuck on ‘Running rageagainstthecage…’, disconnect your tablet from the computer and reconnect it.
  7. SuperOneClick should now say ‘***IF IT KEEPS LOOPING, TRY DISABLING USB DEBUGGING NOW***’. Don’t worry and let it continue.
  8. It will now ADB reset and say ‘waiting for device’ after which you will get a rooting successful prompt. The device should be rooted now.
  9. SuperOneClick should now prompt you to verify that rooting has been successful. Simply follow the instructions for verification and you’re done.
[via XDA-Developers]


  1. S.O.S.!!! when i rooted my viewpad 7 tablet, i got this result:

    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    export PS1=””

    $ getprop ro.build.version.release > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=88072
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    END:88072export PS1=””

    getprop ro.product.manufacturer > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=85158
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    END:85158export PS1=””

    getprop ro.product.model > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=62505
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    cherry mobile-SUPERION
    END:62505export PS1=””

    getprop ro.build.version.incremental > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=70056
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    END:70056export PS1=””

    ls -l /system/xbin/su > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=13697
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
    END:13697export PS1=””

    ls -l /system/bin/su > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=55627
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    END:55627export PS1=””

    chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/busybox > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=78129
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    END:78129export PS1=””

    /data/local/tmp/busybox whoami > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=70730
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    whoami: unknown uid 2000
    END:70730export PS1=””

    chmod 700 /data/local/tmp/psneuter > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=89195
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    Unable to chmod /data/local/tmp/psneuter: No such file or directory
    END:89195export PS1=””

    cd /data/local/tmp/ > /data/local/tmp/output 2>&1
    export TEMPRANDOM=53011
    export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;cat /data/local/tmp/output
    END:53011export PS1=””

    export TEMPRANDOM=22813;export PS1=END:$TEMPRANDOM;./psneuter
    export PS1=””
    ./psneuter: not found

    I guess i did not get the rooting process correctly? I NEED HELP! WILL IT HARM MY TABLET WHEN ROOTING IS UNSUCCESSFUL?

  2. For people who are still trying to do this.
    You have to find SuperOneClick 1.6.5 on the internet, some links don’t work, some have viruses. I found one that works. Follow the above guide, but when it gets stuck on “Running rageagainstthecage…” just leave it for more then 30 seconds.
    I left it for 4 minutes. (I tried a few times 30 seconds).
    The message will come up to shut usb debugging off, don’t.
    Keep the usb cable disconnected untill the sound from the pc comes that it is disconnected. Wait for superoneclick to finish the apb stuff and it should say, “Waiting for device”. Then plug the cable back in (with usb debugging still on). It should continue right away and after a few seconds it asks if you want to run a test.

  3. Tried it first with superclickone v2.1. It didn’t work, keeps hanging on ‘
    Running rageagainstthecage…’ even when unplugging usb cable. Then tried with version 1.6.5 of superclickone and everything went OK.

  4. hy,i just buy a viewpad7 n i do hav a problem wth touch.everything work bt there is a problem in touch.because of this,its not possible to shut down the viewpad…..plz help me if any one know its solution plz

  5. Gingerbreak worked for me.l have 2.2.2 IT(I think).side loaded apk imto sd card and used file viewer to install.installdd superuser however had to go in manually and change file permissions and now permanantly rooted.installed clockworkmod 3 with some effort. Now looking for a rom for ITE hardware. My first tablet

  6. I rooted mine with Gingerbreak. Yes, I know it’s a Froyo device, but Gingerbreak did the job direct on the device. Easy and painless. Just install and run Gingerbreak, run it and reboot. It’s been a few weeks now, no problems.

    Once it’s rooted, use Link2SD to free up internal memory and turn this hopelessly cramped device into a very usable little tablet. Close to 200 apps installed and no more low memory warnings. The other must have app is Titanium backup.

    • SupeOneClick did not work on my Viewpad 7. I read your post and tried Gigerbreak. It worked like a charm.
      Thank you very much.
      There is very little support out there for these Viewpads, so, keep the comments coming.

  7. Doesn’t work here, with neither 1.7 and latest 2.1.1 versions.
    Viewpad says “USB debugging connected”, SuperOneClick says “Killing ADB Server .. Ok … Starting ADB Server .. Ok .. Waiting for device – and keeps this status forever, also after de-re-connecting USB.

  8. worked fine ..it got stuck as predicted but after unplugging and reconnecting it all went on and I got the superuser icon in the aps..

  9. Worked fine for me, you need to follow the instructions. I had to dissable my antivirus, then tell it to ignore the file. YOUR ANTI VIRUS IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT IT IT MAKING THE BEST GUESS….. search the file it warned you about and if it is a legitimate problem, you will see it.
    I had to unplug the USB 1 time and reconnect it, but it worked fine….

  10. I did not have any success. I downloaded SuperOneClick ver 1.9.1 and followed the instructions step by step. ‘rageagainstthecage’ is no longer an option in the latest SuperOneClick. I found an old version on 1.6.5, but my anti-virus software said it had a virus and erased it. I was unable to successfully complete this process. I got the message it will now ADB reset and say ‘waiting for device’ and never went on. Yes, I had USB debugging turn on and every 20 minutes unplugged the USB again. I eventually turned off USB debugging and had no good results. Any updated suggestions?

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