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How To Specify The Name Siri Calls You By & Set Its Pronunciation

Siri is the feature, solely, for which a large number of iPhone (and even non-iOS) users are upgrading to iPhone 4S. Both Android and Windows Phone 7 have voice commands, but no other system has the easygoing, conversational style that Siri possesses. Despite suffering a few server-side issues (that you can try to fix using our guide), the personal voice assistant is wonderful. To make it really personal, you can even make it call you by your real or chosen name. Pronouncing names, however, can be a bit tricky for a robotic voice stuck inside Alumino-silicate glass and stainless steel. Fortunately, you can make Siri call you exactly what you want using the simple little procedure described past the break.

Getting Siri to call you by the name of your choice is easy. All you have to do is (literally) just ask it politely. Simply activate Siri and say “Call Me Strider” or whatever you would like to be called in place of Strider. Once your name has been heard by Siri, you will be asked to confirm whether you will like to be called by the name you just said. Choose OK, and from then on, Siri will know you by that new name. Alternatively, you can go to the Contacts stock app and edit your own info to include a nickname. This is the same as telling Siri your name by speaking it. Siri iOS 5 Pronunciation CorrectBut that’s just half the problem solved. If you have a commonly used name, chances are that Siri will pronounce your name exactly how it should be pronounced. However, with exotic names, Apple’s brainchild doesn’t fare so well. As an example, consider the name Henry. A pretty simple name, right? Not really. If you are French then Henry is pronounced “Aun-ry”. The question is, how do you tell that to Siri? The most obvious answer would be to set the name as Aunry, but this would result in Siri using the wrong spellings of your name everywhere. That’s what phonetic spellings of a name are there for in the phone’s Settings.

  1. You need to edit your personal details for Siri to pronounce your name clearly. For that, go to the Contacts menu in your phone where your own personal profile is present.
  2. Tap edit on your picture. In the fields this opens, you will see the option to tinker with Phonetic options regarding your name.
  3. But before you can see the options, you have to enter editing mode by hitting the Add button. Once there, choose Phonetic first name field.
  4. In the selected field, enter the exact pronunciation of your name and then hit Done.

This should do the trick, and Siri will speak your name correctly while spelling it right, too.

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