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Install Custom CyanogenMod 7 ROM On SE Xperia X10 Mini

SE_Xperia_X10_mini_PP07_Black_1Good news Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini users – although there’s no official CyanogenMod 7 Android ROM for you guys yet, a custom Gingerbread ROM based on CyanogenMod 7 and called xCyanogenmod Mini 7 is now available for you to install to your device, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member owain94. For installation instructions and more information on this ROM, read on.

What’s Functional:

  • Newtwork.
  • Sound output.
  • Video playback.
  • Sensors.
  • GPS.
  • OpenGL.
  • Camera.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Data.
  • xRecovery.
  • Earphones detection.
  • USB mass storage.


  • FM Radio.
  • WiFi is broken.
  • LED flash.
  • ANT+

Now that you know pros and cons this ROM carries, let’s install it on your device.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. Download the ROM. Copy the files to the root of your SD card.
  2. Download the flasher for old baseband and flash your phone with the tool. (If you don’t, your phone will NOT have cellular reception.)
  3. Reboot into xRecovery by pressing the back button a few times immediately when you see the white Sony Ericsson logo.
  4. Make a nandroid backup.
  5. Go to Advanced Options and Wipe Battery Stats.
  6. Wipe data/factory reset.
  7. Wipe cache and wipe Dalvik Cache.
  8. Choose ‘install zip from sdcard’ and choose the ROM you downloaded.
  9. After the installation is complete, reboot your device.
  10. The phone will hang on the first boot, wait for it to turn off. Then turn it back on.

There you go! all good to go with your new CyanogenMod 7 based custom ROM. For updates and queries visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.


  1. some one pls reply.i have the same prblm.It doesn’t start anymore, stays at SE white screen and the reboot again.it is stucked there:(

    • llevalo al service oficial ami me paso y fue la unica solucion .haa y no comentes nada que le metiste mano .me lo arreglaron en una semana y como nuevo no te arriesgues si no sabes hacerlo te lo digo por experiencia .saludos y suerte

  2. Went wrong.

    Tried it on my x10 mini pro, but it failed.
    It doesn’t start anymore, stays at SE white screen and I can’t even enter xrecovery menu anymore.

    What do I do?!


    • i know what is ur problem,, to enter recovery menu, keep pressing back arrow key,, or press power and back arrow key together and hold untill u enter in recovery… NOTE: don’t press repeatly as you done before,,, keep hold the buttons instead of repeatly pressing!!!

  3. Terrible tutorial. Hyperlinks are wrong and just repeats of previously linked sites, and steps are vague.

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