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Install Flash 10.1 on Android 2.1 Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Now that the latest version of Flash for Android devices has been released by Adobe, you can get it on your Sony Ericsson Xpreia X8 running Android 2.1 Éclair. Just follow these simple steps and you will be enjoying flash playback on your handset in no time.

Android 2.1 Eclair Xpreia X8

Adboe Flash has become the internet’s ubiquitous vector animation playback format for animated websites, ad banners, games, and media players, among numerous other use scenarios. The ability to be able to view and interact with all the flash content out there right from your mobile phone can come really handy for many of us. While Adobe’s official Flash Player offering does the job well now that it is available, there is a limitation – it supports Android 2.2 or later, so phones currently on Android 2.1 or earlier seem to be out of luck, don’t they? Not exactly, if the independent developer community has a say in it.

Thanks to the independent Android developers out there at XDA forums, a modified version of Adobe Flash Player for Android has surfaced that supports Android 2.1 and works on Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. It may work on other devices running Android 2.1 as well.

Update: Unfortunately, there has been a confusion. While this version of flash does work on several Android 2.1 devices (that initially lead the original poster of this method on XDA to assume it’ll work for the X8 in the first place), it works only for devices that support Flash Lite on Android 2.1. Many other devices (including several HTC and Samsung ones, and possibly some by other manufacturers too) do support it, the Xperia line doesn’t. Therefore, this method may work for your other Android 2.1 devices but not for the Xperia ones unfortunately. We have another guide for that, which you can check out here: Installing Adobe Flash on Android 2.1 Devices.


First of all, download ‘flash_for_2.1.zip’ from the link given at the end of this article and extract the .apk file that it contains to your computer. Now connect your phone to your computer via USB and copy the .apk file to your SD card’s root folder. Make sure that you don’t copy it to a sub-folder as it will not work that way.

Next, install the ‘Apps Installer’ application, which can be found at the Android Market. Once it has been installed, launch it and follow its instructions to browse to the .apk file that you copied to your storage card, and install it.

Once the installation is finished, reboot your phone, and you’re done. You can now start browsing flash websites on your phone.

Download flash_for_2.1.zip

[via XDA-Developers]

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  • Glenn

    Did everything as described above but I still can’t view Flash content on my Experia X8 🙁 Any suggestions?

  • Suhel

    Haroon why do you simply copy paste threads???? half of the things you post is just READ-PASTE but what you should really do is READ-TEST-IFWORKSPOST-IFDOESNTWORKDON’TBOTHER,…. lol

    no offense :p

    • Before you blame me for copy paste, show me a single one of my post that’s just copy+paste.
      We do not have every single device in the world to try everything on. We do use credible sources and check for user response there to judge whether the solution works for a majority or not. The solutions we post work for many, though they might give issues to some and that’s how it goes with customizations of gadgets and especially Android devices.
      What we do over here is offer simpler and more newbie-friendly instructions compared to what you would find at most development communities.
      If you want us to first try out every single method that we post, you are more than welcome to buy us every single gadget in the world that we don’t have, and hire us a few dozen people to do the testing on them, we won’t mind. 🙂

  • sebo

    Bagaımana cara instalnya? Kok tidak sport dgn se x8,?

  • SuperPangolin

    This page should be removed to save people wasting their time as it does not work.

    • outlaw3365

      yeah and the people who dont understand how to download a simple software should also be removed…

  • Okay

    Agreed. Flash Player 10 does NOT work on Xperia X8 and will most likely not work on X10 mini or mini pro either.

  • Siva

    Can I install it on Sony Ericsson K850i ?

    • Abhishek


  • sarthak verma

    hi guys. can use android 2.2 or 2.3 in sony x8 and if so then plz send me link t download it

    • outlaw3365

      dont have the link but look for it like this…froyo 2.2 zip update free download for xperia 8….it will show up like that

  • Krystian

    i have the same problem install process is ok, but no icon, disapired, it is but its not, hm howewer i still serch, mayby later it be relase i hope for 2.1 eclair. (interesting 2.2 Froyo but no relase for se xperia series X10 and X8:( mayby larer:/)

    • outlaw3365

      its available….ive already installed it…just b sure to install 2.2.1 because the v3 screws up the wifi settings and you wont have wifi

  • robster

    hi i haven’t tried this yet
    but im wondering if this will work for the sony ericsson w8
    its a new phone
    plz reply
    thx 😀

    • MOrgan

      sony erricsson w8 is actualy is the same as xperia x8. only sony improve the multimedia quality. i have this phone and i think if it works on sony ericsson xperia x8 it should work on w8.

  • Aejaz Khan

    I had done all the process, My Xperia x8’s video performance improved a lot , i don’t know how.

  • vivek

    Which version of the flash player will work smoothly in sony ericsson xperia ?

  • sanju verma

    Hy ,

    i have a w8 android 2.2
    i want to open pdf file but my phne no open any thing file
    plz advice

    i want to open pdf file

    • Abhishek

      simple downlaod adode reader from android market

    • outlaw3365

      download pdf file manager

  • Arara

    wasting time and useless

  • milk

    I don’t know how to upgrade version 2.1 for my X-8.

    • outlaw3365

      root with super one click….when rooted install x recovery…then when x recovery is installed it gives u the option to install custom zip software files from your sd card…its really very easy…just sounds hard

  • name*

    I don’t know how to upgrade version 2.1 for my X-8. Can you help me?

    • Moolahman

      TO android 2.1? or FROM Android 2.1?? if it’s FROM Android 2.1, then you need to visit the XDA-developers link at the top of these comments, if it’s TO Android 2.1, then you can get all info from sony direct as it is a firmware update from the manafacturer.

      • outlaw3365

        man that sucks…

      • outlaw3365

        what kind of advice is that…he should use froyo 2.2 zip updatew..duh

  • krishan

    flash player is not working on my x8 so what should i do

  • gurmeet

    my x8 not open sd cards folders when i open then show file not supported &when i downlods the video&mp3 songs is not play

  • name*

    i have an apk file in my sd in my sony x8 for adobe flash but it cant b moved to root or even copied to root..when i run app installer it dont detect apk file from my sd..even if i run .apk file using installer option it shows parsing error..please give me solution..it will be grateful to u..

  • Mkey

    Useless man! WTF. Wasting time.

  • Jorge

    What’s the meaning man, it doesn’t works, thanks for get my time.

  • zaki

    Yess it does’nt work at all on my x8, any suggestion?

  • dirwjq

    I managed to install it but it isn’t perfect (i have a xperia x8)

  • Ori-211


  • Nikksaurabh

    its not a waste of tym jus upgarde x8 to 2.2 froyo n see how everythin works!!! i’ve done it

    • outlaw3365

      me too..it works perfectly …unfortunately there are ignorant people that are software illiterate and they sant do it themselves…they need places like this to get it done…im here answering questions trying to help them

  • Simply_net04

    what does it mean by “SD Card root folder”?

    • outlaw3365

      on your sd card….your memory there is a folder named root…

  • Jeff

    I followed the steps and it was a success installing it. But it still wont work.. I cant view flash content.. What do i need to do? Do i need to diwnload or install anyrhing to make it work? Or did i properly installed it? Where can i find it in ny w8 to cgeck if it is working or properly installed? Thanks.

  • Malgavesaurabh

    Yea it works on my x8 first update ur x8 to android 2.2.9 and den try!!

  • icha22madhen

    i download.. n install it.. but.. can i play fb game with this?


  • Neliel

     i think it works… at least it got installed. btw, when he says the “root folder”, he means that u just go to the sd card, from “my computer”, and u just drag and drop in the card. not in a folder. just there. the rest is piece of pie. it worked for my xperia x8, so hope is not lost :-))
    btw, thx 🙂