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Install Modaco Custom Froyo ROM With Sense On HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2

The Modaco Custom ROM based on 1.34.405.5 WWE Android 2.2 Froyo ROM for HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2 is now available for download. The ROM is pre-rooted with SuperUser and also optimized with MCR build process. The MCR build process reaffirms the fact that you won’t have to wipe or remove anything on your phone before installing / flashing this custom ROM.


Here are the step by step instructions on installing / flashing the Modaco Custom ROM with Sense on your T-Mobile G2 / HTC Desire Z:

  1. The first step is to download Modaco’s Custom ROM from here and save it on your desktop.
  2. Once done, download ROM Manager from Market on your phone.
  3. Once the ROM Manager is installed, launch app and flash ClockworkMod Recovery. You can take help from this guide if needed.
  4. Now after flashing ClockworkMod Recovery, connect your phone to the computer.
  5. Once your phone is connected, mount SD card and copy the earlier downloaded ROM file to SD card root.
  6. After this launch ROM Manager again and tap on Reboot into Recovery.
  7. Once you are in recovery, scroll down to Apply Zip from SD card and select.
  8. Now wait for the installation to finish. The ROM size is 257 MB, so you can well imagine the time it will consume.
  9. Once the installation is finished, reboot your phone.

And there you go! You now have Modaco’s Custom ROM with HTC Sense running on your HTC Desire Z / T-Mobile G2. As the ROM is pre-rooted, so you won’t have to go through rooting hassle at all.

Disclaimer: AddictiveTips will not be responsible in case you brick or incur any other damage to your device following this guide.

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