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Install MR2 OTA Update On Verizon HTC Thunderbolt

imageThe Maintenance Release 2 update (1.66.605.2) for the HTC Thunderbolt has arrived thanks to TeamAndIRC. While the OTA update will start rolling out in a few more days, the update is available to download for a manual installation on your device. The update, is not just an update but a ROM by itself which includes the MR2 update as well. You have the option to flash the stock ROM which includes no root or an additional 3 pre-rooted custom ROMs. Read on for more! The MR2 update brings about the following changes to the existing firmware (we do not have access to the official changelog as yet, so quite a few more features may not be listed):

  • Fixes random reboots.
  • Improves GPS locking.
  • Improves signal strength.
  • Add 3G/LTE toggle in settings.

Please note that the stock non rooted ROM is NOT to be flashed on a rooted phone. You WILL end up bricking your device!

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  • A rooted HTC Thunderbolt (Incase you plan on flashing the rooted ROMs.). See our guide on rooting the Thunderbolt.
  • A custom recovery installed (Again, this is required for flashing the rooted ROMs.). See our guide on what is ClockworkMod recovery and how to install it.
  • (https://crackflashers.com/b16/Atrix/test/mr2_PG05IMG.zip) Latest Radio.
  • (https://www.multiupload.com/KTO2J1DP80) Stock MR2 RUU (non-rooted).
  • The Perfect Storm v1.5 (pre-rooted) (The ROM seems to have been removed from the source).
  • Flyweight (pre-rooted). This ROM is specifically de-bloated for the lightweight ROM user. It is fast, stable, and well tested. Enjoy and feel free to use this as a base for other ROMs.
  • PlainJane v3 (pre-rooted). An almost untouched ROM, for those that want a stock experience but need root. Root and BusyBox are included, along with all the standard Verizon bloat. Again, feel free to use this as a base for other ROMs.


The instructions would be divided into two parts, one for installing the stock ROM, and one for the pre-rooted custom ROMs.

Stock ROM

  1. To begin, download the stock ROM from the link above and rename it to PG05IMG.zip.
  2. Copy the file to the root of your SD card and turn the phone off.
  3. Holding down the Volume Down button, press the Power button till the phone boots in bootloader mode.
  4. Once the phone boots into the bootloader, it will begin flashing the file immediately.
  5. Wait for the flashing to complete, and the phone to reboot.

Pre-rooted custom rom

  1. To begin, download the latest radio and the custom ROM of your choice.
  2. Rename the radio downloaded to PG05IMG.zip and copy it, along with the ROM to the root of your SD card.
  3. Turn the phone off and reboot into recovery mode.
  4. Once in recovery, flash the ROM copied to your SD card after making a nandroid backup and then wiping factory/data reset, cache and dalvick cache. If you’re unfamiliar with flashing ROMs or zip files via recovery, see our guide on installing ROMs and ZIP files via recovery in Android.
  5. Once the ROM is flashed, without booting your device into the ROM, reboot into bootloader mode. The radio file will be flashed automatically and when done, your phone will reboot.
[via androidpolice]

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