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QTTabBar 2 Brings Instant Tab Closing Options, Updated After 2 Years

Remember QTTabBar? The tool which allows tabbed browsing within Windows Explorer? Unfortunately, back then (in Summer 2009) it had some minor issues such as the occurrence of an error when desktop tool menu was closed and some issues with apply button dialog window. QTTabBar has recently been updated (after almost 2 years) and has come a long way. QTTabBar 2.0 beings some bug fixes, an upgraded toolbar, and more customization options to make it better than ever before.

Like before, you will require logging off and logging back in after installing QTTabBar, after which you can enable it by right clicking on the Windows Explorer toolbar. Selecting the QTTabBar option allows enabling and disabling tabbed browsing, whereas, you can optionally enable buttoned toolbars by selecting the Button bar and Versatile bar.

right -click

To open a directory or system drive in a separate tab, choose New tab from context menu.

Open in New tab

The buttoned toolbars now has more options than the previous version. The new tab closing buttons allows closing the right, left current and all tabs. A button to the Settings menu has also been added to provide instant access to configuration options.

Complete View

You can access customization options either from the Settings button or by double clicking on the Windows Explorer toolbar. From here, you can enable a hotkey for literally any function, including closing, re-opening, switching and cloning tabs.  Similarly, you can configure attributes of second, third and fourth tab by customizing the tab location when it is opened, sub-folder menu and tab group properties. Previously, QTTabBar had some issues with 64-bit operating systems when key strokes were used to perform tasks, this has now been fixed.


In the upgraded version, you are likely to experience less visible changes and more under the hood fixes, which has made QTTabBar more reliable than before. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download QTTabBar


  1. The download link in the article actually goes to the SourceForge one mentioned above… been using it for a few months, brilliant!!!

  2. Tried installing it on two PCs running Windows 7 64-bit. Didn’t take on either, despite my following the instructions to the letter.

    Pity, because I would like tabs in Explorer.

  3. actually, after the maker went on a hiatus, another guy took over the development, and qttabbar has been fully functional for over a year on w7.

    also, it is possible to make the middle click open a new tab, no need for right clicking and selecting.

    amazing application, really, and i honestly can not believe ms has still not implemented tabs in explorer.

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