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Photo Effects: Aviary Plugin For FriendCaster [Facebook, Android]

OneLouder Apps is a well-known name among iOS and Android users, and if you’ve used FriendCaster, TweetCaster, SportCaster or ChannelCaster, you’ll know why. More than any other effort from the company, it’s FriendCaster for Facebook that has been receiving the most love from users. Apart from providing you quick access to some of the most extensively used Facebook features, the app also lets you instantly capture and upload photos and videos on your Wall. Photo Effects by Aviary is a plugin for the app’s Android variant that lets you apply various effects, filters and stickers onto photos before you share them, right from within the app. The plugin also lets you annotate or draw over images, and add custom text, title and footnotes to them.

Note: To use this plugin, you must, of course, have the FriendCaster for Facebook app installed on your device. FriendCaster is available for free on the Android Market. Its download link has been provided at the end of this post for your convenience.

Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Share 01-Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Edit

In addition to its excellent photo-editing web service, Aviary is very well known for providing handy photo-editing tools that can easily be integrated with mobile and web apps focusing on image post processing. The Aviary Photo Effects Plugin for FriendCaster integrates so seamlessly with the rest of the app that you almost forget that you’re editing your snaps through a third-party plugin and not the app itself.

Once you have installed both the app and the plugin, all you need to do is navigate to the required image in your device’s gallery and share it through FriendCaster. The Take Photo app that comes bundled with FriendCaster can also be used to quickly capture photos and import them into FriendCaster. Once you the required photo is imported, just tap the Edit Photo button on the sharing screen to launch the editor.

Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Controls Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Sample

Like in the official Aviary clients for Android and iOS, all the various image editing options are displayed at the bottom of the image-editing interface. You can pick from multiple image effects, rotate, flip and crop the image, adjust your photo’s brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and RGB levels, add stickers and text, draw over the image, rotate and resize your drawings and reduce red-eye effect in photos.

02-Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Drawing Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Sticker

In short, the plugin enhances the FriendCaster photo-sharing experience by leaps and bounds, bringing that aspect of it at par with some of the best image editing and sharing apps on the Android Market. The best part of the entire deal is that despite being quite feature-rich, the Photo Effects plugin is absolutely free on the Android Market.

Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Sharpen Photo-Effects-For-FriendCaster-Android-Title

Download Photo Effects Plugin By Aviary for Android

Download FriendCaster For Facebook (for Android)


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