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Record / Share And Stream Live Video From Your Android Phone

Do you want to share a moment of your life with family and friends? Or perhaps you’re an everyday journalist who would like to share videos as soon as you capture it? Qik is a free app for Android that can capture all the moments live while they happen and instantly publish them on the web. On top of it, you’re the one to decide to keep either keep it private or public.

Author’s Note: Qik is one of the most popular Android app with 250,000+ downloads. We are reviewing it here for those who are new to Android and have never heard about this service before.

Account can be created through the app as well their online portal. Once signed in, the main screen will have the features i.e. record, messages and my videos. In record mode, videos can be set to private or public by tapping the lock button, friends can be added from the contact list and recording can be done by tapping the big red button.


Another great feature of this app is that video messages can be composed and received as well. A fresh video can be recorded or simply gallery can be browsed for any earlier recorded video and can be sent to any of your contacts. Videos can be managed and shared through major social networks i.e. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Sharing videos on Google Talk comes in as a big bonus. Private sharing options, location, video quality can be adjusted by entering the settings mode.

Once video is uploaded, it can be reviewed on Qik. The app is very simple and straightforward. Just tap the big red button, record and your video goes online. A great application to quickly put your videos online with added privacy and sharing settings.


Download From AppBrain or scan the QR code above.

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