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Root & Install Custom Recovery On Motorola Droid Razr With One Click

Droid razr root recoveryEarlier we covered a guide on how to root the  Motorola Droid Razr using the exploit meant for the Droid 3 as told by DroidLife. However we still haven’t been able to verify if it actually works for ourselves, but owing to a few comments on that particular post, we have to believe that it isn’t working for most people. Lucky for them and us, XDA-Developers forum member FrAsErTaG has just released a one click root solution that also carries with it a partial custom recovery as well.

The tool is meant to work for the Razr XT910 and XT912. As always and as per the trend in the last few weeks, the root employs the highly popular zergRush exploit, so hats off to Doomlord as well. Now as far as the recovery is concerned it is the same as in the post we covered about Droid Bionics recovery working for the Atrix 2 partially where the recovery had it’s limits. You can make a backup, but a restoration could be risky. Also, the ability to flash zip packages is unknown so far. However, keep in mind that there is no SBF file available to flash your phone back to incase you install/flash some thing wrong via the recovery.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, extract the package downloaded from the link above.
  2. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your device. (Settings > Applications > Development).
  3. If you’re on Windows, connect device to the computer and run the Runme.bat found in the extracted package.
  4. If on Linux open a terminal and navigate to the extracted folder. Enter the following command:
    sudo sh runmelinux.sh
  5. If on Mac:
    sudo sh runmelinux.sh
  6. Do not disconnect your phone after the phone reboots, the recovery is installed after the reboot.
  7. Once it does, disconnect the device and run the recovery app from the device.

That is it! For updates and queries, head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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