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Smart Taskbar For Android Brings Quick Launch / Fast App Switching

There has always been a debate about which mobile platform handles multitasking better, Android or iOS. Being a regular Android user, I can assure you that even if you’re not overly impressed with Android’s stock task manager, there are plenty of apps out there that put you in control over the way in which tasks should be handled. Hence, if you are you looking for a faster way to launch your apps on Android, want to free up your home screen for more widgets, or don’t want to press the applications button too frequently, then Smart Taskbar is a quick solution for the above mentioned scenarios. This app has built in app organizer functions with speedy launch spots giving you a true multi-tasking experience. That is, by hitting a ubiquitous arrow at the right edge of your device’s screen, you can recall your personalized task manager whenever you want.

It is a launcher, task switcher and app organizer, all-in-one. You can quickly call up quick launch sidebar on any window by swiping the edge of the screen. It becomes the fastest way to quickly launch or switch between different apps. This app gives you five speedy quick launch spots. Trigger side can be adjusted to left or right with manageable apps and labels.


In order to expand the taskbar, swipe your finger from the right most edge of the screen. Press app button to launch an app but if missing icons are shown, simply press refresh. Orders of apps, labels and widgets can be pre-defined from the Settings. The app’s control panel allows you to add a maximum of five app shortcuts, meaning that you can set five different system and/or third party apps that you frequently use. Various sub-tabs of the app allow you to instantly access your app drawer, recent tasks, home screen widgets and custom tabs, complete with your preferred apps. For instance, you may specify a custom sub-tab for your games; another one for your social apps, and one based around your media apps. That’s not all; from within the control panel itself, you can lay your hands on various system and power toggles.


Smart Taskbar can organize apps for you with quick launch, task switcher, and widgets, giving users a completely different multitasking experience. If you switch between apps a lot, we would recommend trying out Smart Taskbar since it takes the multitasking experience to a whole new level.

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