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Top 4 Apps To Find And Recover Your Lost Android Phone

Losing a smartphone can be quite costly. Obviously, no one likes to drop some extra bucks to get a replacement. Previously, we reviewed Norton’s beta app to lock/wipe you’re Android phone if lost or stolen, but what if you want to track and recover your device? Below we have listed four of the best Android apps which will help you track your device instantly.  You can prepare yourself for this unfortunate event using some of the recommended apps in this article and you might be successful in tracking your lost device.



Prey is a simple app that can track your phone via GPS and can send generated reports to the user’s control panel online. Activation is done by sending an SMS to your Android device. Prey is a free phone tracking solution by which your device can be monitored at all times through browser’s control panel. To locate your phone when lost or stolen, simply send an SMS from Prey account via any computer and the phone’s location will be redirected to you. (Free, with ads) You can also check out our detailed review of Prey for desktop here.


Download from AppBrain or scan the QR code.



Lookout mobile is a security app with build-in anti-virus , data backup and theft protection rolled into one package. A Lookout account is required which can be created in couple of seconds via the app. Antivirus constantly monitors your phone for viruses and malware. Data backup securely stores your contacts, call history and pictures on the web which can be downloaded whenever restoration is required. Missing device shows your phone location on the map and will make it go loud even if the phone is on silent mode. (Free, with ads)


Download from AppBrain or scan the QR code.

Where’s My Droid


Where’s My Droid helps you find your phone when the ringer is turned all the way down or on vibrate. Attention word can be assigned for text as well as GPS location. You can text either of words to your lost phone and it will ring for a specified duration. There are only few settings in this app, i.e. choosing attention words and setting a ringtone duration. It’s a quick way to find your device if lost within your home, at office or under the couch. (Free)


Download from AppBrain or scan the QR code.

McAfee Wave Secure

Wave secure (part of McAfee) is a security app which protects both your phone and privacy. It is mostly targeted towards corporate users. To locate a lost device you will need to log into Wavesecure website and then send secure text message from their server, using any computer. Contacts, SMS and call logs can be backed up to the server and restored when required. Phone can also be locked via a password. Moreover if the phone is lost or stolen, both lock and wipe commands can be executed from the online interface. (7-Day Free Trial / USD 19.90 with a 1-year subscription)

Download from AppBrain or scan the QR code.

Know of any other app that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Tried Plan B, Where’s My Droid, and Cerberus. Every one of them was off by 2-5 miles on the location of my Droid X2. That is worthless if you actually lose the phone.

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