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Use QuickVoice To Record Your Skype Calls (Or Anything Else) on iOS

Skype is in use by numerous people all over the world and across almost all platforms. After all, what could be more fascinating than making free phone and video calls? Although Skype has a truckload of functionalities, call recording isn’t one of them. Maybe it’s for ethical reasons, but in some situations you really do need to record a call (for example if your aunt is giving you her special pizza recipe), and for those situations, QuickVoice is what you need, if you use Skype on your iPhone or iPad. Although Skype is the most widely used voice messenger, it isn’t the only one, and keeping that in mind, the QuickVoice app for iOS devices supports recording calls from other apps like Skype. In fact, whatever is on your iPhone’s mic can be recorded by QuickVoice. This means, the app has the potential to work as a sound recorder for other apps, calls and a host of other scenarios.

As suggested by the app name, QuickVoice lets users record whatever their device’s microphone picks up. This is an easy and convenient of taking audio notes, but if you think about it, you can use it to record your Skype conversations!


Go to the download link given below and get the free app. Once in the app, just tap the record button and it will keep recording for as long as you want (or at least until your device’s memory runs out). The recording has a nice voice quality and the app’s interface is easily manageable.

So how can you use it to record Skype calls? Here’s how.

  • Start your Skype phone call.
  • Run the QuickVoice app and hit “Record”.
  • Open the task manager on your device to switch between Skype and the recording app.

Beware that audio clips larger than 5MB will not be eligible for transfer to your computer. A somewhat huge drawback of QuickVoice is its inability to keep recording as soon as it goes to the background. This means you will have to keep the app running while making the call on some other app. If you think this limitation doesn’t make the app completely useless, give QuickVoice a shot.

Download QuickVoice For iOS

[via Life Hacker]

Update: The background limitation we talked about in the post has now been fixed by the developer of QuickVoice. You can do anything after starting a recording session, and the app will record everything until you manually pause or kill it.


  1. Yes, this is now useless as it cuts off any mic when audio is coming in so you wind up recording just your own voice (useless). Thanks for wasting my money

  2. i just downloaded quickvoice for the ipad 2 and was going to record a skype call from the ipad. so i started the call and then went to quickvoice. as soon as i pressed record it said using another audio application ended your skype call i need help

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