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PaperLock Adds Paper-Themed Lock Screen Animations To Your iPhone [Cydia]

Looks like the Unfold Cydia tweak (reviewed here) has started a really good epidemic. First, there was Unlockize (review), a tweak that borrowed the main concept behind Unfold but with more diversity, and now, PaperLock has arrived in the Cydia store. PaperLock is another collection of unlock animations for iPhone and iPod touch devices, and although it lacks the variety on offer in Unlockize, this new addition to Cydia brings a completely new flavor to lockscreen animations. The tweak has three animations (or themes, as it labels them) and all of them are designed to emulate some sort of paper. You can peel away the lockscreen of your device to reveal the Springboard or passcode screen. Read on for details regarding all the animations available in PaperLock.

PaperLock iOS PaperLock Peel To Unlock PaperLock bandAid Theme

When you install PaperLock to your iPhone, it is enabled automatically. There’s a slight problem with this though, as the default unlock anchor is placed to the right of the screen instead of the usual left. If you don’t know that, you might end up trying to get past the lockscreen for quite some time. Fortunately, the situation can be rectified from the tweak’s Settings menu easily. The PaperLock menu has options to let users select themes, and change the position of the unlock anchor. Following themes are available in PaperLock.

  1. Full Page: This is the tweak’s default animation. It lets you navigate away from the lockscreen of your device by folding it away like a paper. You don’t have to rely on the slider area, too, as the page can be peeled away from any part of the screen.
  2. Band-aid: Replaces the unlock slider with a band-aid that has to be peeled away.
  3. Plastic tab: Quite similar to the band-aid theme, but with a really glossy and transparent look.

PaperLock is compatible with passcode lock, but unlike Unfold and Unlockize, there’s a minor glitch in PaperLock if you have a passcode enabled on your iDevice. Instead of coming up with the passcode screen straight away, you will get a glimpse of your Springboard (or any opened app) before you are asked for the passcode. Apart from that, everything works pretty smoothly (including the Camera Grabber) and there’s no perceptible lag in anything. PaperLock will cost you $2.99, but if you liked Unfold and Unlockize, this new tweak won’t disappoint you. You can download PaperLock from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store, and after its installation, the tweak is completely configurable via the menu it adds to the stock Settings app.

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