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FlexiSPY Review 2019: Monitoring Software for Mobiles, Tablets and Computers

FlexiSPY bills itself as the premier online monitoring software and it has to be said that it does offer features that are not currently available on any of the other major providers. It is a relatively new player on the market but has already made a big splash and drawn plenty of attention.

Not all of that has been positive and the controversy over online monitoring software of this nature has seen the company come under attack from hackers in the not too distant past. Such incidents have not affected the operational capacity of FlexiSPY though, and their services and user data remained unaffected.

Some unique offerings —

What really makes FlexiSPY stand out from its rivals is the depth of features that they provide, including some which are currently unique to them. These include such things as call recording, call intercepting and taking recordings through the phone’s built-in microphone. You can read in more detail about the available features of FlexiSPY further down.

One of the main reasons they are able to offer these additional features is that FlexiSPY is not based in the USA and is therefore not subject to US laws. Recent court cases in the USA have forced some other providers to withdraw certain features. But as a British business, FlexiSPY remains unaffected. Which is one of the reasons why FlexiSPY is such a popular player in the online monitoring market. They have a powerful product, with a well-designed and easy-to-use user interface, and the biggest range of features of any of their rivals.

FlexiSPY is not always the easiest software to use, but you certainly do not need huge amounts of technical know-how to operate it and their great customer service provisions should help beginners to get over any hurdles they may encounter. In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about FlexiSPY, its features, and how to install it, as well as an honest assessment of just how good it really is. Does FlexiSPY live up to its reputation? Keep reading to find out what we thought.

FlexiSPY Features

FlexiSPY is available in two different packages; FlexiSPY Premium and the FlexiSPY Extreme. The Premium package offers the standard range of surveillance services which most online monitoring software can provide. It is with the Extreme package that users can really enjoy the additional features which elevate FlexiSPY above its competitors.

In total, there are more than 150 features available to FlexiSPY users, far too many to summarise in detail here. So, instead, we will give you the lowdown on the principal features that most FlexiSPY users like to use.

We have started with the advanced features that are available only with the FlexiSPY Extreme package:

Extreme Package Advanced Features

Call Interception

This is an amazing feature which allows FlexiSPY users to listen in on calls as they are happening. It can be used on both incoming and outgoing calls but does come with a word of caution. You must always make sure that the microphone on the device you are using FlexiSPY is muted. The function works by essentially creating a three-way call and if your microphone is live, those in the call will be able to hear you as well as you can hear them.

Call Recording

FlexiSPY Extreme subscribers are also able to record calls made or received by their target device. Users can choose to record all calls or otherwise specify individual contacts on the device contact list they want to record. All recorded calls are stored on the FlexiSPY dashboard and can be listened to at the subscriber’s leisure. They can also be downloaded from the dashboard too.

VOIP Recording

Most online monitoring programmes can record instant messenger content, but these days people are using services like WhatsApp to make voice calls as well as send written messages. FlexiSPY is the only monitoring software that can record these calls allowing subscribers to hear exactly what is being said online as well as on regular calls.

Ambient Recording

FlexiSPY users are also able to listen in on the device when it is not in use. The Ambient Recording feature allows FlexiSPY users to activate the microphone on the device and listen in to whatever may be happening in the immediate vicinity. Ambient Recording can be carried out for anything from 5 minutes to 1 hour at a time. It can also be scheduled in advance, meaning subscribers don’t even have to be present for the recording to take place.

Regular Features

As well as the advanced features which only come with the Extreme Package, there are a whole host of regular features which all FlexiSPY subscribers can enjoy. These include:

  • KeyLogger
    FlexiSPY will keep a record of anything typed into the device being monitored.
  • Location Tracking
    The software will keep track of the GPS location of the device and retain a record of where the device has been used.
  • Call Logs
    FlexiSPY will keep a detailed record of every incoming and outgoing call made by the device, including the numbers and contact details of the other party as well as the call time and duration.
  • Text Message Recording
    All text messages sent and received from the device will be logged including details of the recipient and the content of the message.
  • Device Media
    FlexiSPY will keep a record of all photos, videos, and audio files which are stored on the device.
  • VOIP Event Capture
    Details of every call made using the VOIP protocol will be recorded. This includes calls made on FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, and WeChat.
  • Social Media records
    Similarly, FlexiSPY will also keep a detailed record of all social media activity, including such things as messages, conversations, images, and videos. This service is offered for a wide range of social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, Skype, WeChat, iMessage, BBM, PIN Message, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Tinder, and Instagram.
  • Email records
    FlexiSPY users will be able to see the content and details of all emails sent and received on the device.
  • Web Browser Records
    FlexiSPY will keep a detailed record of the web browser activity which takes place on the device as well as all browser bookmarks
  • App Monitoring
    A detailed record of app activity will be retained including which apps are installed and uninstalled when they are opened and closed, which apps are currently active. It is also possible to take remote screenshots of app activity.

There is much more besides, but this is just a taste of the many remarkable features which are available for FlexiSPY subscribers, even if they have only opted for a Premium Package.

How effective are the FlexiSPY Additional Features?

We have been road-testing the FlexiSPY extreme package, so we have been fortunate enough to be able to see how the unique additional features work in reality.

We were pleasantly surprised with how effective they all were. The quality of the audio is dependent on the strength of the cellular signal that the device being tracked is receiving. This, of course, is true to an extent for the device user as well and with the devices we were tracking all being based in a city, the quality of the interceptions and call recordings we made were mostly extremely good.

One issue we encountered with the Call Interception feature, which wasn’t flagged up in our initial reading was that the device being tracked has to be capable of accepting a three-way call for it to work. This is not the case with every device, so if this is a feature you are particularly keen on, it is best to check that the device you want to track can support it. Sometimes, it is a feature which needs to be enabled, so you will obviously need to access the device to do this and then hope that the person using the device doesn’t then disable it again.

But despite questioning just how effective these features could be in practice, they did indeed deliver what they promised and, provided you are not monitoring someone in the middle of nowhere, there is no reason to have any real concerns.

Jailbreaking / Rooting: an important note

It is important to remember that for FlexiSPY to work on a device, it does need to be jailbroken or rooted. There is surveillance software on the market, such as mSpy, which can still monitor activity on devices which haven’t been jailbroken, but FlexiSPY isn’t one of them.

They do offer guidance on how this can be done and if you are not the most tech savvy of individuals, they also offer a great additional service where they will jailbreak or root the device in question for you. They will then install the FlexiSPY software on your behalf. There is a one-off charge of $39.99 (which will be refunded if for any reason it cannot be done) and users will need to have physical access to the device and the instigate a live chat with the FlexiSPY support team. A qualified technician will do everything else.

FlexiSpy System Requirements and Device Compatibility

FlexiSPY can be used on a whole host of different mobile devices but there are a few specific system requirements which mean that certain devices are not catered for.

To install and run FlexiSPY you will need a device which runs one of the following operating systems and fits the specified system requirements:


  • Running Android OS 4.03 – 7.11 inclusive.
  • Device must be rooted

iPhone & iPad:

  • Running any iOS version up to and including 9.1
  • If you want to use the recording functions, the device will need to be running iOS 7 – iOS 9.1 inclusive.
  • FlexiSPY can run on a semi-jailbroken device running iOS 10.0 – 10.2 – check with customer support for more details about this.
  • Device must be jailbroken


  • Running Blackberry versions 5.0 – 7.1 inclusive

Nokia Symbian

  • Supports all devices running Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle.

In addition to mobile devices, FlexiSPY has now launched a version of their programme which can be used with Windows and Mac computers as well. This version can be used on computers which meet the following specifications:


  • Running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.


  • Running Mac OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite, and OS X El Capitan only.

How to install FlexiSPY

Please note that while all FlexiSPY functions can be managed remotely, physical access to the device is required to install the FlexiSPY software.

Given the range of features FlexiSPY offers, it is actually surprisingly simple to install the software onto a device. There are just four basic steps that you have to follow:

  1. Visit the FlexiSPY website and sign up for either their Extreme of Premium package.
  2. Jailbreak or Root the device you are going to be monitoring (if this has not already been done).
  3. Install the FlexiSPY software onto the device and activate it.
  4. Log into your FlexiSPY Control Panel dashboard and start monitoring the device.

There is a handy YouTube video below which walks you through this four-step process in a little more detail.



As we have already noted, FlexiSPY offers two subscription packages which are priced as follows:

FlexiSPY Extreme:

  • 3 Month subscription – $199
  • 12 Month subscription – $349

FlexiSPY Premium:

  • 1 Month subscription – $68
  • 3 Month subscription – $99
  • 12 Month subscription – $149

The new FlexiSPY for Computers package is also available at the same pricing rates as the Premium package.

There is an interesting divergence in the pricing of the two different FlexiSPY subscription packages. The Premium package is excellent value for money and priced to compete with their rival online surveillance providers.

However, in comparison to their rivals, the Extreme package appears rather expensive. But it is important to remember that the FlexiSPY Extreme package offers a range of services that are currently not available with any of the other major providers on the market. For customers who want those features, the price should not be off-putting, particularly given how effectively those additional features are. But the hard reality is, if you want the additional features, at the moment, FlexiSPY is the only option.

Money-Back Guarantee

FlexiSPY also offers a 10-day money-back guarantee for users who are not completely satisfied with their products.

Is FlexiSPY legal?

FlexiSPY is a professional and legitimate product which has been designed to be used by parents and employers to monitor activity on devices that they own. Using FlexiSPY for this purpose is completely legal.

Using spying software such as FlexiSPY to spy on activity on devices you do not own or do not have permission to monitor, is illegal. FlexiSPY is not intended for this purpose and should not be purchased or used in such a way.

Is FlexiSPY detectable?

A big concern of many users of online monitoring software such as FlexiSPY is whether it can be detected on the device being monitored. With FlexiSPY, the answer is a resounding, no. FlexiSPY employs special tools which help to hide their Apps on all devices. This means there is no icon and nothing listed in the application list or task manager.

FlexiSPY is installed under a nondescript and regularly changing name. And they have also employed tools which make FlexiSPY undetectable to all the major anti-virus apps and task killer programs. Few would dispute that FlexiSPY is about as undetectable as it is possible to be.

Does FlexiSPY live up to its reputation?

Without a doubt, FlexiSPY is a contender for the title of best online monitoring software at the present time. It is an exceptional piece of software which offers a number of unique and highly valued features. And even though some have criticised the pricing of their Extreme package, the fact is that for the sheer volume of features and ease of use it offers, few subscribers will have cause for complaint.

FlexiSPY users will benefit from software which is undetectable on the device being tracked and which will also be updated remotely, which means access to the device is only required for a short time. It is a shame that the software cannot be used on un-jailbroken / unrooted devices, but FlexiSPY does everything it can to mitigate this small flaw by providing extensive guidance as well as a paid-for jailbreaking/rooting service from one of their trained technicians.

Ease of Use

One of the real positives that we came away from our testing of FlexiSPY with, was its ease of use. There are more straightforward options out there for sure but given the range of features offered by FlexiSPY, it is surprisingly simple to get the hang of how things work. The basic features are a doddle, thanks in part to the neatly designed and easy-to-navigate online desktop. And while some of the advanced features might take a little getting used to, we found it took no more than a few goes to get the hang of them.

Some people might be concerned about needing to jailbreak or root the device before it can be monitored. But FlexiSPY is clearly aware that this is a worry and have bent over backwards to make it as simple as possible. There is lots of supporting information on their website and a paid-for service which can actually do the job for you. This is, without a doubt, the trickiest part of using FlexiSPY and we would confidently say that even the most technically incompetent individual should be able to get through it unscathed.

Customer Support

The FlexiSPY customer support is without doubt up there with the best online monitoring support service we have encountered to date. Indeed, we would go so far as to say there is plenty their rivals could learn from them. They offer comprehensive online information as well as a very responsive and helpful live chat support service.

As we have noted above, installation is a big worry for many users, which is why FlexiSPY have created an Installation Wizard to guide you through the process. With their paid-for jailbreaking service as well, FlexiSPY will be with you every step of the way and we would go so far as to say FlexiSPY is the easiest online service to install of any we have encountered to date.

Any Downsides?

Not really. We have discussed the fact that for some users, the advanced features might take a bit of getting used to. We have also mentioned the fact that the Extreme package is a little expensive and addressed the reasons why. There are not many other faults we have picked up with FlexiSPY in our testing, but of course, we would always be interested to hear if you have had any problems with it.


In short, FlexiSPY is an exceptional piece of online monitoring software. It is a standout provider in the field and at the present time is offering features that no other provider has. FlexiSPY offers a user-friendly online desktop, a huge range of functions, and a reliable service. Importantly, as a company based outside the USA, they also hold a big practical advantage over many competitors as well.

There are few faults to find with what they are doing at the present time and if you are looking for advanced features or just an effective all-round package, FlexiSPY can deliver everything you need.

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