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GS Auto Clicker: How to Download + Quick Review

Task automation tools are excellent solutions for saving time, effort, and money at the workplace. Instead of handling repetitive jobs, you can schedule an app to work on your behalf.

A simplified form of task automation software is the mouse auto clicker, such as GS Auto Clicker. It automatically clicks any mouse button at a regular time interval that you can fully control.

GS Auto Clicker

How to download GS Auto Clicker

You can download GS Auto Clicker from the official GoldenSoft website. However, keep in mind that the program is discontinued and GoldenSoft (now known as AutomaticSolution Software) doesn’t host the program files anymore.

Instead, it redirects you to third-party mirror sites that it deems are reliable. The last released version was 3.1.4, which only supports Windows computers.

Once downloaded, you don’t have to go through a setup phase because GS Auto Clicker is portable. It means that it doesn’t make any changes to the Windows registry.

Besides, you can start it up directly from a USB removable device. But you should know that it creates some configuration files in the Documents folder.

Is GS Auto Clicker safe?

Generally, mouse clickers have a bad reputation with antivirus solutions that identify their behavior as malicious. But GS Auto Clicker is safe to use. Its VirusTotal report indicates few alerts which are actually false positives.

How to use GS Auto Clicker

1. Open the Options menu, go to Recording, and select Multiple clicks
2. Check the Record and replay multiple clicks setting

GS Auto Clicker displays the option for recording multiple clicks
3. Click Pick point, select the mouse position on the screen and click to record the action. Keep doing this for all clicking points
4. Click Ok to save the macro and exit the GS Auto Clicker window (the app will be minimized to the system tray)
6. Press F8 to start the macro you previously recorded and press it again when you want to stop

To adjust the mouse clicking speed, open Options > Clicking > Repeat.

GS Auto Clicker shows the click repetition options
You can set the number of times to repeat, schedule the macro to repeat until manually stopped (when you press F8), or specify a time interval. If you’re unsure, experiment with every setting to see what works best for you.

To control the clicking behavior, go to Options > Clicking > Options.

GS Auto Clicker shows the mouse clicking options

Aside from choosing which mouse button to click (left, right, middle), you can set the number of mouse clicks (single or double) and freeze the pointer by restricting it to one click only.

As far as additional options are concerned, you can change the default hotkey for starting and stopping recordings (in Options > Settings > Hotkey).

GS Auto Clicker shows the post-task settings

It’s also possible to schedule an automatic action once the clicking macro ends: idle, quit, lock, log off or turn off PC, standby, or hibernate (in Options > Settings > Other).

Is GS Auto Clicker worth it?

The program’s simplicity is undeniable, making it a great choice for users interested in a straightforward mouse clicker. Its weak points consist of its outdated interface and lack of support for more advanced options. For example, it’s not possible to preview macros.

It’s understandable, however, since GS Auto Clicker has been officially discontinued for a long time. The good news is that it still works on Windows 10 without any compatibility issues.

So, yes, GS Auto Clicker is worth it if you prefer a free auto clicker with intuitive options for basic repetitive tasks. It’s definitely one of the best auto clicker tools that are also freeware.

For those interested, the mouse clicker tool was superseded by ReMouse. It comes with more options but it’s not freeware.

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