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SyncBack Download and Install: How to Use SyncBack Free (Windows 10)

If you work from home on your computer, you need a powerful backup solution to help preserve your data in case anything happens: your system crashes, you get hacked, your laptop gets stolen, you accidentally erase important files, or anything else.

Developed by 2BrightSparks, SyncBack is a backup and synchronization tool you can use for contingency plans to securely store your files across different devices.

It works with hard drives, SSDs, USB sticks, memory cards, FTP servers, ZIP archives, and network sharing locations. You can also take advantage of FTP, FTPS, and SFTP if you opt for the pro mode.


How to download SyncBack

You can download SyncBack Free or SyncBack Pro from the official website, depending on your preferences.

The free version has fewer options but you can safely use it to synchronize data on your computer. However, you can test the pro edition for 30 days at no cost to see if it’s worth purchasing a license.

The application is only compatible with Microsoft’s operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). There’s also a third edition called SyncBack SE (Second Edition), which supports Windows Server.

The SyncBack download links

To view the exact differences between the three editions, along with all supported options, don’t hesitate to look over the comparison chart.

There’s also a beta version available, which grants you access to upcoming features and improvements. But it’s not recommended since it doesn’t guarantee the stability of your operating system.

Installing it is pretty fast and easy since all you have to do is set the destination folder.

How to use SyncBack

Here’s how to create a backup job with SyncBack:

  1. Click New in the main windowSyncBack Free shows how to create a new task
  2. Set a Profile Name and proceed to the next stepSyncBack shows how to add a new profile name
  3. Choose the Backup profileSyncBack shows how to select the backup type
  4. Specify the Source and Destination, then click DoneSyncBack shows how to pick the source destination

Once the backup profile is created, you can start including files and making additional changes. Get started by specifying the source of the files to save, and the destination of the new backup.

SyncBack shows the simple backup options

It’s possible to include files and subdirectories, as well as to apply filters to exclude specific items that don’t match your criteria.

Once you make all the necessary modifications, just click the Apply button. SyncBack offers to run a simulation of the backup job, which you should accept to review settings and easily go back to make any adjustments.

SyncBack shows how to run or schedule a backup

To start the backup job, just click Run. You can also click Schedule to set up a schedule profile with details such as the starting date and time, recurrence, and special events (e.g. on user log-on).

To restore data from a previously saved backup, select the backup profile from the main window, click Restore, then pick the source and destination. If you kept updating your backup, then you can choose the exact date to which SyncBack should roll back.


All aspects considered, you can safely use SyncBack to back up and sync your files by creating copies on multiple devices and even cloud locations.

You won’t risk infecting your machine when installing this application since SyncBack is completely clean of malware, which is proved by its VirusTotal report.

However, it has numerous advanced options and might seem too much for casual users. Perhaps it would’ve been better if it also had a simple wizard with straightforward options for backup tasks.

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  1. I can personally attest that SyncBack Pro is -hands down – the best backup/sync/mirror mechanism between any two systems in just about any protocol you need. I’ve used LOTS in the past.. believe me when I say this: you will not get the quantity/quality of features in any other “backup/sync app” that you get with SyncBack Pro. Why not? Because I have most of them. I’ll never look back at those apps again, paid and free.

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